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Trends In Wedding & Anniversary Rings

January 28, 2013 ,
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Although I photograph numerous styles of wedding rings every year, I find it quite difficult to choose a favourite these days. With all the different cuts, settings, clarity and and carat sizes it’s enough to send you in a tail spin.  So, I thought it would be a great idea to help my clients out a little in this department by asking 77 Diamonds for a quick reference on all the wedding ring choices out there.  They have kindly agreed to guest blog for us today!

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Whether it’s for your wedding or as an anniversary gift down the road, picking out commemorative rings can be a very special process. Many people don’t realize until they actually start the selection process just how many options there are out there. After all, we tend to think of rings in fairly basic types: smooth gold bands for wedding rings, simple diamond rings for anniversaries and engagements, etc. But in reality, the selections for these different kinds of rings contain virtually endless stylistic differences, which is one reason that it can pay off to pay attention to trends in ring fashion. The most important thing, of course, is to find a ring that suits you for whatever occasion is at hand – but keeping tabs on the hottest trends can give you a good place to start when looking for the perfect selection. Here are a few popular trends at the outset of 2013.

Anniversary Rings

Trinity Rings

Fine diamond rings are always favourite gift ideas for men looking for something special for their wives on landmark anniversaries. And, of course, this opens up a number of spectacular options. Among them, however, trinity rings are some of the most fitting. Featuring three diamonds at the top of the band, the middle one of which is larger than the other two, these rings are both beautiful and symbolic. They represent continued growth in a relationship.

Eternity Rings

If you’d like to explore another popular option for a diamond anniversary ring, consider eternity rings at 77 Diamonds. These are ornate bands set with small diamonds all the way around the surface, and are meant to symbolize continuity. Naturally, for an occasion on which you are celebrating your marriage and its enduring quality, this is a wonderful message to send.

Wedding Rings

Diamond Set

Though most of us tend to picture plain metal bands when we think of wedding rings, diamond set bands are becoming more popular. Generally featuring three to five small diamonds set around the surface of the band, these rings can blend in beautifully with the gemstones on an engagement ring. Even men are occasionally opting for subtle diamond wedding rings, often with a single small diamond set into the surface of the band. These are wonderfully unique and trendy options if you would like to consider an alternative wedding band.

Two-Tone Metal

Another popular trend in wedding bands – particularly for men – is to use multiple metals in a two-tone design. Popular wedding ring metals include white, yellow and rose gold, as well as alternatives like platinum and titanium. Choosing any two of these (often yellow and white gold) in a two-tone pattern gives your band a unique and stylish appearance. The specific design may be anything from one metal in the center, flanked on either side by the other, a checkered pattern, a spiral, or anything else you may find in a jewellery store.

Thank you to 77 Diamonds

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