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Wedding Photographers and Videographers Working Together

May 29, 2013 ,
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Photographing a wedding is challenging enough without having a videographer getting in your way or in your shot.  I have worked with the best videographers in the area and the new amateur videographers and uncles with a video camera.  As a photographer I need to respect the space we work in together such as the tight quarters or an intimate church or the all in one ceremony and hall.  We both need to capture the day as we see it and in order to do that we need not to get into each others way and in order to do that I have to have the right equipment and education.

Imagine if I’m shooting with a 50mm and I’m right in your face for the entire ceremony.  Not only is that not where you want me to be, right behind you when you are saying your vows, but also in the way of your family and friends from enjoying the moment too.  I’m also now in every frame of your wedding video and your videographer has to get creative in order to capture your wedding without me in every frame.

I shoot with a long lens, 70-200mm from the back of the church or the balcony if there is one during the ceremony.  An experienced videographer will likely be in the same area.  The videographer and the photographer are likely shooting the candid, journalistic events unfolding after the ceremony and the congratulations, but then the videographer is likely heading to the venue to set up and to photograph details while you are doing formal portraits with the family.  If the videographer is working with an assistant or partner one will likely join the photographer for the bridal and wedding party to capture some journalistic footage.  During this time if I’m aware that a videographer is joining me I will allow them to direct some of the sequences and I shoot journalistic images while they work and then I set up my next shot and they will capture it while I work.

That’s the way 2 professionals should work together.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a videographer in Los Cabos, Mexico by the name or Jorge Ibarra.  I was nervous not having met him and being in mexico and knowing my bride had not met them before as well since we were on a destination wedding.  What a pleasure!, they were there working around me and I didn’t even know they were there.  Being a journalistic photographer is basically like being a still videographer and neither of us got in each others way.  I could shoot his set ups and he could capture mine…….truly a pleasure to work with this videography team.  If you ever have the opportunity to work with Jorge Ibarra or you’re researching videographers in Cabo, Mexico I will highly recommend them.


Kerri and Adam from Jorge Ibarra on Vimeo.

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