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                                                        What is a first look session & what are the advantages of doing one on my wedding day?
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“first look” session at Now Larimar in Punta Cana

Oli & Sebi opted for a FIRST LOOK SESSION.   A “First Look Session” is when a bride and groom see each other for the first time and I capture all the joy and surprise and emotion that goes along with that.  The excited bride sneaks up on her groom and once he turns around and sees her for the first time the expressions are priceless.  I can get anything from tears to laughter to complete shock.

Advantages :: 
Your TIMELINE will go like this:  You’ll get ready and enjoy the morning with your bridesmaids, mom and anyone else getting hair and makeup done.  Then we find a gorgeous, private location that we have told your soon-to-be husband to meet you away from all the excitement of preparations and set your groom up with his back to you.  We  then position you a short distance away looking beautiful with your fresh hair and makeup and that beautiful gown you have been waiting to show him.  Then we give you some privacy and shoot with a long lens so that this moment is just between the two of you.  You will slowly walk towards him and tap him on the shoulder or bear hug him from behind and the moment he turns around will be the sweetest part of your day while you take in the thrill and emotion of what you are about to do together.  Being able to have this moment alone and in private, instead of in front of every one during the ceremony allows for a different kind of intimacy, allowing it to truly sink in and enjoy what is just yours as a couple. And from that moment on, the day is spent together!
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After an intimate photo session of just the two of you we get some fun photos with the bridal party and timeless family portraits.  Time for you to enjoy the people who have come from far and wide to celebrate this day.  Now it’s time for the ceremony!  The moment you walk down the aisle and see each other just as special as ever and after that you get to enjoy the rest of the evening with your family and friends.

No stress in making sure every one is in the right place for photos after the ceremony, no worrying about your guests waiting for you at the reception. Just time to celebrate!

We have  had so many brides tell us it was one of the best decisions they made for their wedding day timeline, but no matter what you decide, it’s important that you choose what is right for you as a couple.  A first look can be a great thing and it gives you time alone with each other and makes the photography schedule a lot smoother (your guests will thank you!)

It’s also a huge advantage for the quality of your wedding day photographs.  Having a First Look and seeing each other beforehand, you now can spend more time and be more creative on the most important pictures of all: your Formals….the pictures between the two of you.   You get most all your images done in a relaxed atmosphere before the ceremony so that you can spend the time during the transition, or cocktail hour, with your new bride or groom, or family and friends. OR…you can take MORE pictures with just the two of you if you want! It just gives you more options.

If you have any questions about how a First Look works, please just ask us! We’d love to help dream up something perfect for you.

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First Look Session at Now Larimar Punta Cana