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Journalistic Wedding Photography

Natural Poses for Bridal Parties

August 12, 2015 ,
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The wedding party wants to go to cocktail hour and not hang out for lots of photos.  Journalistic style bridal party photos are quick and easy if you just have the group do something like walk, hug, or just talk to each other.  Grab one quick formal shot with everyone looking at the camera then grab a few more doing something fun.  By fun, I mean age appropriate because you wouldn’t want to automatically do a jumping shot with a wedding party in their 40’s and you wouldn’t want to do leibovitz pose with bridal parties in their early 20’s.  A walking shot usually works for all ages

Gibson Centre Wedding-9984

Capturing the wedding party in a scene

King Edward Hotel Wedding-5949

Wedding Party Walking…..indoor with Lowel GL1 video light on a rainy day.

Destination Wedding Jamaica

Wedding Party in Jamaica just walking towards me looking at each other

bridal party photography

Creative Crops always a great idea too for variety.

hamilton waterfront wedding

Great Light was the focus here and just asked the girl to get her ready for a portrait…but this is the shot I wanted.

Kleinburg Wedding Photographer

Wedding Party photography should be a fun experience unposed.

toronto garden wedding photographer

here is a really fun, natural expressions shot of some of the bridal party. I just love the way Robin is looking at Jon here.

fun bridal party photos in mexico

Jumping wedding party worked here with the reflection

unposed bridesmaid photography

Capturing unexpected moments at weddings is what it’s all about.

toronto journalistic wedding photographer

Photograph the in between moments too.

candid capture of the groomsmen on the beach

Totally spontaneous, out of control groomsmen

toronto wedding photographer

You can’t pose this, you just have to be ready.


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