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Massey Hall Wedding

September 7, 2016 ,

Another fantastic location for a wedding is at Massey Hall.  The staff was fantastic and space perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception.  We started out the day walking around Toronto for some cool photos and then to Fran’s Restaurant which was a special place for my couple and the staircases outside Massey for some fun shots all before the ceremony and reception.



Collingwood Wedding Photographer-9488

We started the day with photos of the bride and groom as we walked around the streets of Toronto


Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9789

Our next stop on the schedule was pie and cokes at Fran’s Restaurant.

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9850

Capturing a moment between my bride and groom as they look at each other over the retro tables in Fran’s Restaurant


Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9681

Nothing but good times walking around with these two as they laughed and joked with each other.

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9670

I had no idea about being a music teacher, but I sure am glad I captured this shot for them. I photographed this knowing I could cover up that guitar, but during the reception is when I heard that one or maybe both was music teacher.

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9663

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9640

We walked by this theatre and she said she loved this place so I knew I had to create something here too. The trick was waiting for all the tourist walking by to be out of my shot via directly or reflecting in the glass.

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9592

It was moments like this all day long. They just were so great together and I wonder what he said in her ear to make her smile like that.

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9583

When you are dealing with huge crowds Toronto you try and isolate your couple as best as you can and reflections do that easily.

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9571

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-1106

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-1158

His and her red accents was perfect for this red and gold wedding venue at Massey Hall………again look at this smile!

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-1172

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-5661

Massey Hall fire escapes on the front of the building in Toronto was an ideal location for this journalistic wedding

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-6880

Thank you to David Proc for taking this super wide photo of my bride and groom at the very top of the fire escape

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9885

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9889

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9924

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-0111

I spotted this while they were talking to the wedding coordinator, hidden from their guests before they entered the ceremony and knew that is was a shot.

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-0131

The most emotional heart felt vows i have every witnessed.

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-0138

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-0196

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-0310

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9962

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-9965

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-6320

Massey Hall wedding portrait at night with all the lights lit up and their names on the sign

Massey Hall Wedding Photographer-6336

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-0413

The first dance where they held each other so tight.




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