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September 20, 2012 ,
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I photographed this beautiful bride a few weeks ago at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, who had done some modelling in the past and really knew how to move and where to look.  I highly suggest to brides who want these kind of fashion oriented images to practice posing in front of a mirror and study fashion magazines.  It’s all about the shoulders, the eyes and the hips.  You don’t always have to look in the camera and you don’t always have to smile.  I also recommend doing your research on locations for your bridal photography.  If you are looking for these types of images then I don’t suggest going to a field or a park.  Architecture plays a huge part in my photographs as well as any background.  I like to think of my photography as being complete.  I always have to reassure my wedding couples that the location I put them in may not always be pleasing to the eye, but I see beyond that.  I see colours, lines and shadows………..you will always look great so I need to look beyond you and see the whole picture.

I took a workshop with Funkytown Photography in May and really learned a lot about composition, angles and cropping that is pleasing to the eye.  I was always huge on the rule of thirds in my images, but now it’s all about the angles.

Location Location Location doesn’t always apply to real estate, sometime you can find just the perfect location and get so many different looks.  I can help you with finding the perfect spot.  I will go out and location scout for your wedding photography days in advance and make suggestions to you so that you have options on the look you may be going for with your wedding pictures.  A lot of times, we as photographers know great hidden spots that may be just around the corner from your venue that the average person may not even think of.  I’m here to help.

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