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The Moments That Matter

I BELIEVE in giving you ART by storytelling your wedding day in a JOURNALISTIC style

Photographs are more than just pictures taken and they can hold the memories of friends, family and your partner as you experience memories of tears, love and unscripted joy.  While every photographer will capture the “shot list” of moments you expect, it’s our goal to capture the great journalistic, unposed, natural in between moments that will mean the most throughout your day.  To us, the wedding day isn’t just the bride or the groom perfectly posed.  It isn’t just cutting the cake, or the dress or the shoes you are wearing……. it’s about the moments that are happening around you while you are enjoying your wedding day and trusting that we will be somewhere in the room capturing it all.   It’s the look on your father’s face when he sees you for the first time as a bride.  It’s about the tears when the maid of honour says her speech and every time you see the image you will remember the kind words.  It’s about your mom helping you into your gown or the crazy time your friends are having at your reception.

Unposed wedding photos Atlantis Pavillion

To the clients that hire us, we believe it’s much more than pinterest boards, but we still believe in family formals, portraits and bridal party photos (if desired), but for most of the day we want you to forget we are there and have fun with your family and friends. We want you looking at the groom while you’re walking down the aisle instead of us, and just having fun cutting that cake without feeling like you need to pose and smile for the camera. Our goal is to help you remember your wedding for the rest of your life like no one else can. We believe you should remember more…………the moments, the emotions and the relationships.

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Our post-processing enhances photographs in a classic, non-distracting way. We believe classic processing will look amazing long after fads have passed. Our black and whites are dynamic and crisp, and our colours are rich and vibrant. And while we think that prints are the best way to enjoy your photographs, we believe that your photos should be stunning whether you order prints or not — which is why we individually process each and every photo you get from us. And when all is finished, we want you to have a wedding album that tells the complete story of your day. Decades from now we want it to stir up memories just as powerfully as the day you first held hands, and promised to spend the rest of your lives together.         Only then is our job truly finished.

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