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Deer Creek Wedding

August 20, 2015 ,
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A wedding at Deer Creek Golf Club  ended up being on one the hottest days of the year.  We were literally melting and all I could think about were these poor groomsmen in full formal uniforms, but it didn’t phase them at all in fact it was all the girls that were sweating.  This location was beautiful but challenging for photography as we were extremely limited and unfortunately the light dictates where I can place my bride and groom.  This adorable couple had a significant height difference, but again they were stunning together and that wasn’t a factor at all.

The day started at Tina’s house for girl time with hair and makeup and with mom and dad being the perfect hosts.  It’s been a while since I’ve had home made Italian cookies and they were a welcome treat on the drive to Deer Creek from Mississauga.

The girls were running a little late, but we made it to the beautiful ceremony outside in front of the gazebo in plenty of time.  The ceremony was followed by cocktail hour for the guests while we proceeded to brave the hot afternoon sun for photos of the bridal party and bride groom.  Once we headed back inside the room was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles and began right away with the receiving line, grand entrance and first dance complete with smoke…..another treat.

Thank you Tina and Dave for a wonderful day spent with your family and friends…….truly.


The bride and her bridesmaids stop for a quick portrait before heading out the door to the ceremony.


The bridal portrait taken immediately after putting on her gown and sitting on the floor by the window.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-9835

The girls having fun as they tighten the corset on the brides gown.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-9739

Last minute touch ups of the makeup before heading out the door.


Photographing the wedding gown from below allows me to isolate the gown and hide all the clutter in the bridal suite

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5029

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4909

Bride preparations as she gets her makeup applied and hair curled.


The kiss after saying ” I do ” at the Deer Creek gazebo.


Be ready for the spontaneous moments that always happen after the ” i do’s” and the kiss.


A full length bridal portrait is also a must to feature the dress on the bride


I also try and grab a portrait of the bride and groom with the venue as a backdrop.




A portrait with their venue from the front entrance.


Shooting at noon with the sun directly above makes it challenging but never impossible


The groom was very tall so it was important to find locations where he could lean over instead of the bride always looking up at him.


Another example of how to photograph a very tall groom and bride


A beautiful moment with the light behind them on a very bright early afternoon sunny day.


Smoke fog on the dance floor is rare these days but a nice touch at this wedding.


As the sun finally sets, I took my bride and groom out for a sunset photo.


The father daughter dance was a very emotional moment for dad.

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