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Canoe Restaurant Wedding Photographer

September 22, 2016 ,
destination elopement photographer

Venue: Canoe Restaurant

Dress: Anna Campbell

Officiant: Helen Sweet

Makeup: Allana Davis – Makeuplady.ca

Cake: Bobbette and Belle

Jaqueline and Gerry planned an intimate ceremony and dinner with all their friends and family downtown Toronto.  I arrived at The Four Seasons Yorkville to meet my bride and groom for their portrait session.


They were just putting on the finishing touches and I was able to grab a few photos of them getting ready quickly before we headed outside.  Her Anna Campbell dress was stunning and a dress I secretly wanted a bride to wear for a long time and finally here she was and Jaqueline suited it perfectly!  Her bridesmaids wore a beautiful shade of purple that easily matched Gerry’s bowtie.





I quickly picked up a camera and started documenting the day with a photo of the dress details, her shoes that she was just about to put on and The Makeup Lady was just putting on another layer of lip stick for her.


I then had less than 5 minutes, but I knew that I had to take some photos of Jaqueline in this room as the light was gorgeous and it would be my only opportunity to get her alone and her makeup fresh.



Then Gerry was ready and I asked him to sit down as well before we headed out the door.


All I needed was for them to sit comfortably on the circular sofa for just a minute and that gave me just enough time to grab some images.




As we headed downstairs to the lobby I knew I was going to be limited in where I could photograph the two of them and the bridal party. We headed to the lounge in the bar area and luckily we were the only ones there. I continued to photograph them as they helped each other with details when I saw this stellar staircase.



The double bow on the back of this Anne Campbell gown is so sweet.

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding

I sent the girls up to the top of the staircase next to the huge window and asked them to get Jaqueline perfect for photos. I love capturing these always natural moments.


All I said here was “ok girls just look at each other” and they burst out laughing for more super natural photography moments.


Then, I asked Jaqueline to come down the staircase and then go back up again for these stunning window light shots.


We left the wedding party inside for a minute while we took a walk together to find more locations for photography. I am always shooting even when they are walking ahead of me and I got this shot of him looking at her as they walked hand in hand through the lobby of the Four Seasons



Here is another example of me always shooting as he leans down to help her with her dress.


As we headed outside for their portrait session I quickly realized that we were going to be in car valet courtyard and parking garage. No worries because the light was good and I was going to make it work.


Right across the courtyard was this little seating area with red chairs and the light bouncing off the walls.


As I waited for people to walk by and out of my frame I was able to make this little courtyard work for us.


Here is why it’s really important to hire a photographer who is experienced, can think on their feet, creative and knows how to work with the light and location they are given. You are not always going to be able to get to a big sprawling garden or architectural wonders for photography. We are literally in a driveway of the Four Seasons were customers are driving in and out of the hotel. These are white pillars on the sidewalk.


Here is a better example of where we were shooting. They are about to walk by the driving entrance to the underground parking garage.


These white glass pillars worked for me to use for some portraits with this office building in the background.





I would have loved for the cars to not be there, but again this is what we had to work with and the office building was mirrored so it worked nicely for bridal party portraits too.



By shooting from below, I was able to give them variety in their portraits while using this blue tiled roof as my background


We only had a few minutes left before we had to leave for Canoe Restaurant and wedding ceremony location, so I asked them to take a walk down the street for me and come back. I stopped them at the end and took these portraits.



We arrived at Canoe Restaurant for their ceremony and reception and I was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant for a wedding. The view from the 53rd floor was breathtaking and the light was perfect for the ceremony as she walked down the aisle with her father.



I absolutely loved how the light bounced off this metal tiled wallpaper that served as their ceremony backdrop.







The sun was setting on Toronto and we had the best seat in the house. The light during this entire dinner was dusk and sunset….a dream photography time of day and location.



How much more romantic can you get with your first dance at sunset on the 53rd floor at Canoe Restaurant.





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