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Royal Ambassador Wedding Caledon, Ontario

October 13, 2014 ,
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Doctors House Wedding Photographer
Hockley Valley Wedding Photographer

Venue: The Royal Ambassador

Wedding Planner:  http://www.katemackenzieweddings.com/

I love weddings at The Royal Ambassador not just because of it’s proximity to my home, but because it’s a great location for guests just outside the city limits, lots of parking, and easy to get to.  The Royal Ambassador offers beautiful grand ballrooms with huge windows and large chandeliers, gorgeous ambiance, great staff and food that I always look forward to having.  The grounds are exquisite set next to a beautiful lake, 2 gazebos, beautiful weeping willows and flowers everywhere.  I can’t say enough about this place, because for photography, it has everything for a great variety of images all in one place.

Royal Ambassador Wedding Photography

hart house wedding photographer

One of my favourite dress images this year. Love the reflection from the mirror hanging on the wall.

hart house wedding photographer

Photographing the rings is one of my favourite parts of the day. These incorporated Robin’s grandmother’s antique mirror

antique wedding details

Antique mirror, brush and comb that belonged to Robin’s grandmother

Hockley Valley Resort hosted the bridal party getting ready part of the day.

Hockley Valley Resort hosted the bridal party getting ready part of the day.

antique gold embroidered wedding dress

The wedding dress was embroidered with gold thread throughout….simply gorgeous!!!!!

Two moms at wedding

Robin’s mom’s were a big part of her getting ready moments before the wedding.

royal ambassador wedding-3493royal ambassador wedding-3498gay couples with daughter getting married


Bridal portrait with beautiful window light.

Bridal portrait with beautiful window light.

bridal portraits with window light......85mm 1.4 at f1.4

bridal portraits with window light……85mm 1.4 at f1.4

bridal party first look at weddings

All her sisters and girlfriends were there to help her get ready and were part of the first look.

wedding first look reveal to bridesmaids

First look reveal of wedding gown to bridesmaids.

All her sisters and girlfriends were there to help her get ready and were part of the first look.

Bridesmaids attaching the wedding veil

85mm 1.4 bridal portraits

royal ambassador wedding-3398

royal ambassador wedding-3330royal ambassador wedding-3345royal ambassador wedding-3286royal ambassador wedding-3355

backlight wedding party portraits

bride and her bridesmaids journalistic, unposed portrait with beautiful backlight.

caledon wedding photographer

There is always, undoubtedly one reason for the bride to be late and it’s either hair and makeup or the limo. This time it was the limo who got lost on the way to pick up the bride then on the way to the ceremony. The groom patiently awaited the arrival of his bride then finally walked down with the flower girls.

caledon wedding photographer

The bride and her mom walking down the aisle and the look on Robin’s face shows how happy she is to have her mom by her side.

caledon wedding photographer

Robin chose this gorgeous waterfront gazebo for her ceremony and almost lost her time slot because the limo was late.

royal ambassador wedding-7057

lakefront gazebo wedding in caledon

It was a gorgeous sunny August day for a wedding by the lake

waterfront wedding in caledonroyal ambassador wedding-7105royal ambassador wedding-7133

royal ambassador wedding

Now, because the ceremony started late and there was another wedding party waiting to get married we opted to have the second half of the ceremony moved to the garden side gazebo because Robin wanted photos of her getting married by the lake. What a bride wants a bride gets so the Royal Ambassador made it work!

royal ambassador wedding-3706

Off we go to ceremony part 2 at the garden gazebo…..still lovely!

journalistic wedding photographer

and here is where part 2 of the wedding ceremony took place amidst the beautiful weeping willows

caledon wedding photographer


royal ambassador wedding-7310

toronto garden wedding photographer

here is a really fun, natural expressions shot of some of the bridal party. I just love the way Robin is looking at Jon here.

royal ambassador wedding-7555royal ambassador wedding-7565royal ambassador wedding-7582royal ambassador wedding-7603royal ambassador wedding-7625royal ambassador wedding-7653royal ambassador wedding-7679royal ambassador wedding-7728toronto wedding photographer

the royal ambassador ballroom

The royal ambassador ballroom beautifully decorated

royal ambassador wedding-4089

Bride and grooms first dance

royal ambassador wedding-3925royal ambassador wedding-3939royal ambassador wedding-4092royal ambassador wedding-4103

royal ambassador wedding-8530

the look on his face says it all.

royal ambassador garter toss









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