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Cataract Falls in Caledon Engagement Session

September 18, 2014 ,
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caledon forks of the credit engagement-2975

With a great rusted iron bridge in the background and red balloons, I asked Caily and Sebastien to run right past me to capture this great journalistic photograph of the 2 of them.

cataract falls engagement

Caily and Sebastien met me at The Cataract Falls for their engagement session. Fun Caily brought some great red balloons that we used for a pop of colour by the falls.

caledon journalistic engagement

I like to walk with my couples and just see what we see. It was getting late in the day and the sun was just about to hit that sweet spot. Along the side of the road were these tall grasses with beautiful orange chinese lantern flowers growing. It was the perfect spot.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-2985

The light was perfect! Contrasty, harsh and bright which is exactly what I like for a dramatic photograph.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3067

Taking a moment to enjoy the view overlooking the falls.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3094

As the light sets behind them I asked Sebastien to pick up Caily and spin her around. It’s a great way to get natural, fun emotions.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3126

Again, in this gorgeous field of yellow with the setting sunlight in the background. Perfect setting for some playful photos.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3153

I’m a journalistic photographer and love to capture the moments you are having but I always grab a few traditional face forward portraits too. The best of both worlds.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3248

As we continued to walk we came across this perfect wooden post fence that was the obvious spot for the next set of photographs.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3358

I love sun flair and when you add a running couple it’s even better…… mood, emotion, and movement.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3520

If you mention the red telephone booth in Caledon people are sure to know what you are talking about. This is privately owned and they also own 2 beautiful dogs that playfully guard it. I had just walked by the owner who was walking her dogs and new it would be the perfect opportunity to grab a shot.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3528

The sun is now almost set and we are heading back to the cars for our next location, but not before stopping for one more shot when the outdoor lights start coming on.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3539

We decided to continue the engagement session in Alton which was just a short drive from the Cataracts and found this beautiful stone wall perfect for a portrait.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3598

A brand new public garden just outside of The Alton Mill was the next location for some photos as we were the only ones there.

caledon forks of the credit engagement

Thank you Sebastien and Caily for allowing me to capture your engagement photographs and I look forward to your wedding in 2015.

caledon forks of the credit engagement-3440

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