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November 29, 2013 ,
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Recently, I had the pleasure of joining the weddingring.ca and below is the review welcoming me to the site.  I look forward to meeting all my new brides from the Toronto, Kitchener and Cambridge Areas.  You can see the review here on the wedding rings official site. the wedding ring Frances Morency uses natural light and a candid approach to capture the heart of her brides and their wedding days   Reviewing Frances Morency, Owner and Lead Photographer at Frances Morency Photography Review is written by Staff @ The Ring and is based on • Interviews with this vendor • Interviews with past brides • Our experiences • Feedback from local vendors Frances Morency uses natural light and a candid approach to capture the heart of her brides and their wedding days Frances regularly adds her favourite photos from recent weddings to The Ring’s community area! Check out what she’s posted this week, here. fall waterfront wedding photography When you talk to one of Frances Morency Photography’s past brides, you’ll most often hear something along the lines of “we hardly even knew she was there!” This educated, experienced, much-loved photojournalistic photographer is quickly establishing a signature style and reputation for candid, natural light, emotional images shot from curious angles and delivered with her own artistic editing touch. From following your Pinterest boards to making herself available to you by text, Frances isn’t just talented, she’s accessible and she takes your day personally. The team at The Ring has interviewed both Frances and her past brides and have found countless reasons why brides will love this Toronto area photographer. Let us explain…

From the beginning…

Since she picked up her first camera at the age of twelve, Frances has been hooked on photography. Growing up, she remembers her Mom, who was a photography hobbyist, always snapping photos. Recognizing and capturing the moments that matter throughout life become automatic. “It was just always there. It was natural.” Frances was lucky enough to go to a London tech secondary school where she took an art program that allowed her to major in photography. After graduation, she went on to take a photography course at Sheridan College in Oakville, the city in which she would eventually set down roots. It was in 1999 that Frances Morency Photography opened for business, first focusing on children and family photography which has helped make her the wedding photographer she is today and eventually growing to incorporate weddings, events, elopements and destination weddings. She has gone from film cameras and dark room development to digital cameras and Lightroom editing, the latter of which Frances says gives her the chance to really get creative and personally edit each image she shoots.

 A candid, artistic photojournalistic approach

bear and bison inn vintage wedding-9315Journalistic photography is Frances’ forte. For her, it’s all about use of natural, available light and catching spontaneous, photojournalistic moments as they happen. She tells all of her couples to “just pretend I’m not here” and that they shouldn’t “feel the need to look up and smile whenever they see me.” This is because, with Frances, there’s no reason to ever feel like you’re in a photo shoot. You should just feel like you’re at your wedding, celebrating one of the most important days of your life. It’s more about being yourself, enjoying your moments, and trusting that somewhere (likely quite a few feet away and shooting with a long lens), Frances is capturing the single tear running down your dad’s face as he gives you away, your grandparents holding hands as you say your vows or the impromptu laughter you share with all your best girlfriends. With Frances, you’re going to get the traditional, the journalistic and the posed family portraits. And that’s exactly what Frances’ couples hire her for. “If a bride and groom has looked online and become inspired by funky portraits or quirky posing ideas, I can and will do that,” explains Frances. “I love what I do, so I’ll shoot all day and night… But it’s the photojournalistic images that nine out of ten couples ultimately end up choosing as their favourites. They tell the best story and bring back the flood of memories better than any other shots.” September 21st 2013 bride (and pro photographer), Alicia Riley-McCracken, hired Frances for her Rockies Destination Wedding in Canmore, AB. Alicia admitted to The Ring that “as a photographer myself, the biggest question was, ‘who’s going to do YOUR photography?’” But she quickly realized the decision was easy. “I love Frances’ style and I knew that she was easy to work with [Alicia and Frances have shot weddings together]. Easy choice!” Alicia wanted to have photography of the entire day. “SUPER candid was key and that’s what Frances is about… She has a fantastic photojournalistic style that we both love and she really captured the day as it was happening… and we hardly noticed she was there!” Frances says that her signature style can also be seen in the form of shooting from different angles, the use of available light, the candid nature of the images, and the artistic, moody, romantic overall finished product she hands over to her couples. Frances admits, “I often shoot unusual angles. I shoot through things. I’ve always got a completely different perspective. Images should have foregrounds and backgrounds, leading lines, texture and creative, interesting angles.” Frances captures the standard photos and the creative ones as well. “That’s why you get so many images with me.” Having originally come from a film background, Frances enjoys having the creative freedom of being able to artistically work on each image after it has been taken. And while it’s a lot of pressure for any photographer to put on herself, Frances says that every photo delivered to the couple – from the candid’s to portraits and family must-haves – should be able to stand on its own or be framed as an art piece. Each image is equally important to her, even though she often delivers hundreds and sometimes thousands of images at the end of the day.

Couples who love Frances

The couples that choose Frances for their photographer tend to be artistic and romantics at heart. They’re looking for true natural light bride with 85mm 1.4photojournalistic coverage of their day – of the moments they remember and of the ones they didn’t even realized had happened until after the last dance. February 2013 bride, Amanda Green, says she would and does recommend Frances to other people planning their weddings. “I do it all the time! I could not be happier with all my photos… I show them off like I’m a proud mama – the same way I do when I rave about Frances! She started out as a hired vendor but [after the past year] we love Frances… My husband and I call her a dear friend and we know she will be taking more photos for us in the future, so it’s not hard to recommend her on a daily basis!”

Shooting for natural, personal images

Whether you love the camera or are camera shy, Frances has her ways of making you feel like it’s just another day. July 27th 2013 bride, Ashley Marquis, knows that it can sometimes be awkward to have someone “pose you and tell you what to do such as where to put your hand and how to stand.” But she says, “Frances’ method was to just keep moving and being together… we sometimes forgot we were even being photographed and it was like we were out on a walk through the park. [the photos] showed different sides of our personalities… Frances also asked us what we enjoy doing together and incorporated that into the engagement shoot. My husband brought along his guitar and we set up blankets to listen to him play a few songs.” Amanda Green loved Frances’ style. She explained, “Frances’ photography is sooooo natural! Her eye for catching the simplest things and turning them into elegant photos. I also liked that we weren’t posing in our photos and you can see the true emotions we are feeling in each photo!”

Pricing photography collections

For a photographer with Frances’ education, experience and quality of photojournalistic images, you’re going to find the price is right. Alicia explains “Frances’ value is exceptional… She worked with our budget and made the destination travel planning easy, she is worth every penny!” Ashley found Frances’ prices to be competitive “and definitely worth the money spent… She provided us all the photographs in their original form so we can print them ourselves, however we like. Not just 100 or so of her favourites on a disk [like they found with other photographers].” Amanda remembers the hunt for a photographer and feeling like “every photographer had a pitch… But Frances was so sincere. She said there are three things people remember about the wedding: the dress, food and Dj. But with everything going so fast that day, what will we have to remember to look back on? And why wouldn’t you want the photos we look at to be everything we wanted? SOLD!” Frances Morency Photography offers three primary photography ‘collections’ which contain everything from time and images to album products and extras. Collection One includes six hours of coverage plus canvas you’ll love for $2600. Collection Two includes eight hours, an engagement shoot and album options for $3300. Collection Three includes ten hours, an engagement shoot and album options for $3700. Amanda liked that Frances works her packages around her bride and groom and what they need. “She never pushes you to spend money you don’t need or want to. No pressure!!” There is also a six hour files-only (no print products included) collection for $2100. And for those intimate Friday or Sunday boutique style weddings, she has a special four-hour $1200 collection. Each collection comes with an online proofing gallery and shopping cart ready 6 weeks after your wedding day. This is where couples can choose their prints, create albums, and truly get hands on with their print options. Shortly after the proof gallery is posted, Frances sends them a link to download all those files in high resolution. Frances adds, “Couples have the rights to use their own images, watermark free, wherever they want in any way they want.”  View the COLLECTIONS here

small wedding photographer

Intimate weddings and elopements

Frances embraces intimate weddings or elopements. They’re among her favourite style of events to photograph. She says these events are often really, high end, boutique style or super luxe intimate affairs that can have guest lists of under thirty people. “They may be in a hotel or in a really chic restaurant… I love to do those events! They’re awesome because I get to spend more time with the bride and groom.” She says they’re entirely different from the big wedding party and all day events. But that doesn’t mean Frances is against the big weddings, by any means. “I would shoot all day and all night without hesitation. But I admit that I do love the intimacy and personal nature of the intimate ones as well. They really give you a chance to get to know the couple you’re photographing without the hurried timeline of a large event.” She says these weddings usually take place on Fridays or Sundays. And to prove her love for small Friday or Sunday boutique events, she offers an intimate wedding package that includes four hours of shooting, all files, and a fine art print, for just $1200 – just about unheard of in the Toronto area!

Brides’ favourite things

ring photography with blur

Creative ring and details photographed

We asked brides if they had any favourite things or moments about their experience hiring and working with Frances. Here’s just a few of brides’ favourite things about FMP… “Favourite things? There are a few! 1. She was so incredibly early… she didn’t leave the road conditions, weather or mountains to chance. 2. My favourite time was when it was just James and I getting our photos done (stopping between rain clouds). She was able to read us well and work with our incredibly unique theme to capture everything we could have dreamed, and then some.” – Alicia Riley-McCracken “Most people think my husband and I are too affectionate, we are used to our friends telling us to tone it down. Our first five minutes or so with Frances she was like ok, don’t stop doing that this is perfect. It made me laugh that we could finally just be ourselves.” – Ashley Marquis “Because we had a small guest list and not many made it out to our destination Rockies wedding, her video slideshow of the wedding was priceless! In just a few minutes it told the story of the entire day so that we were able to share with family and friends online who couldn’t make the wedding! GREAT GREAT GREAT feature to have!” – Alicia Riley-McCracken “The end product is impeccable, I still haven’t been able to narrow down my favourite photographs out of thousands. You can see that she loves love stories and wants to capture those hidden moments where true emotion shines through… Her photojournalistic style and the candid shots are priceless. She has an eye for the romantic and beautiful moments shared between loved ones, not just the bride and groom but the entire family who are supporting them.” – Ashley Marquis “I loved how Frances could make us laugh! Not by telling jokes or stories but she gets to know her clients and she uses their stories. I have a nickname for my husband and she used it like she was calling his first name which made for some great photos of us laughing and enjoying the moment… all her shoots are enjoyable!” – Amanda Green

Destination Weddings

Journalistic Wedding Photographer

Black and White Journalistic Wedding


Frances has shot roughly seven Destination Weddings over the past three years. Whether it’s an event that takes her to the mountains of Alberta or one that takes her to a sunny island resort, Frances says that DWs allow her to do more shooting than any other type of event. They give her the chance to really get to know everyone in attendance (which is usually just under fifty people). Many DWs include shooting of the rehearsal dinner, the wedding day, and a ‘love session’ on location as well, which is another favourite with FMP couples. Couples often ask Frances to go on an excursion with the group as well, which gives her the chance to get some fun candid’s of the group in a unique setting that many of them have never experienced before.

Walking you through it

The first thing you should do when you’re finished reading Frances’ review in The Ring, is to check out her website and galleries of weddings. You’ll get a true feel for what photojournalism means when hiring Frances. The next step is to contact her by email to set up a meeting either at her home studio, your location of choice, or for many DW clients, by Skype! After you’ve decided you love Frances’ work, you should book her. Ashley explains, “Without question I would… I think her work speaks for itself and I doubt she has many weekends free during wedding season.” Once Frances has officially added your wedding date to her events calendar, she’s all yours. Ashely was impressed with how easy going, helpful and accessible Frances was. “She made herself available by email, text and phone calls for any questions I might have.” Frances even went to the extent of suggesting Ashley join Pinterest and start pinning her favourite style of photos. Frances followed her pins to get a good idea of what her bride was looking for. Frances provides couples a questionnaire for the day, which Ashley and her husband used to emphasize which moments and people at the wedding were most important to them to have captured. Once the day arrives, the planning is over and Frances focuses on capturing each moment, from candid’s to poses. Ashley remembers feeling calm and relaxed in front of the cameras of Frances and Dave (the second shooter). “A lot of times I forgot they were even there taking our picture. You can see this in all our photos… she just let us be ourselves and captured it.” And whether it was a short planning timeline or a short timeline on the day of the wedding, Frances takes it in stride and somehow makes it all happen. Alicia and her husband chose to do a first look because of a hectic wedding day schedule. “It was so great to take that time to see each other before the BIG moment and she worked within our short timelines well.” After the wedding, Frances promises excellent turnaround times; your image galleries in six to eight weeks followed by downloadable files to follow within three months!

Contacting Frances Morency Photography 

Frances Morency at Frances Morency Photography can be reached by email at francesmorency@gmail.com or by phone at                    416-526-2005. You can also visit Frances Morency Photography online at http://www.francesmorency.com. ONMAG13-BridesChoiceTitle TWR-VI-WhatsInAReview                                   More in The Ring :: Toronto Weddings Home | ♥ Reviews ♥ | Toronto Wedding Trends & Ideas | Toronto Reality Wedding Stories | Toronto Wedding Vendor Links

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