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Lakeshore Engagement with Dog

Toronto Waterfront Engagement Photos with dog

May 12, 2016 ,
Caledon Engagement Photographer
Collingwood Wedding Photographer

This journalistic engagement session took place in Toronto on the Lakeshore.  We started out at their condo complex then walked down to the waterfront trail.  The first part of the engagement session was with their jack russell pup and then just the two of them alone.  All we did here was walk and we stopped wherever I saw great light and lines.  You don’t have to overthink locations as it’s all about you anyways.

Toronto Engagement Photography by the Waterfront with dog

Toronto Waterfront Engagement Photography with Dog

Toronto Waterfront Engagement Photography with Dog

Toronto Waterfront Engagement Photography with Dog

Toronto Waterfront Engagement Photography with Dog


I’m always looking for the opportunity to photograph from above


Creative angles and perspective give your couples variety in their photographs


I never stop shooting……if I waited for them to be ready for photos I would miss all these natural moments


I spot a location or backdrop and just let them be while I photograph them together


A little direction, good light and great backdrop then shoot away to capture the way they are together


She wore stunning blue manolo’s and they needed to be photographed too.


Sitting by the waterfront just hanging out and creating gorgeous portraits…….these could be absolutely anywhere shot with the right lens.


The late day sun started to peek out here so we took advantage while it lasted.


We used a video light here for a little extra punch as I wanted to get the beautiful colours from the window reflections.


Their condo complex was an incredible location for photos and we managed to get a few before security stopped us.


The lobby of their building was also a great location and using a video light here really set the mood.


Having a couple different outfits and locations will always give you more images with a different feel.


Using my Nikon 70-200mm at 200mm I was able to use the building behind them as a backdrop instead of an object.


Each engagement session and wedding I try to focus individually on each person.


Portraits created inside their gorgeous condo lobby using available light from chandeliers and windows.

I met these two at their condo in Toronto on the Lakeshore…..places you could only wish to have a session.  We got away with it for a little while before getting stopped by security for not having a permit even though they live there……go figure, but we were discreet and quiet and took a few more photos on our way to the waterfront.  The light was great and so was the location so we just started walking like I normally do and stopped for photos wherever I saw great light and that way it gave us a chance to chat and get to know each other better before their wedding day in September at Georges Restaurant.

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