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January 21, 2016 ,
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Journalistic guest captures at weddings

Guest captures during speeches at a Caledon Wedding

Journalistic wedding photography of guests at weddings

Emotional guest captures during father and brides first dance

Journalistic guest photos during wedding speeches

Speeches are the best time to grab guest photos

Journalistic wedding photography during speeches

Emotions during bride and groom speech from mother

Journalistic wedding photos of guests at receptions

Guest captures during the wedding speeches

Journalistic wedding at The Vue Event Centre

Guest captures throughout the evening at The Vue wedding

Journalistic wedding photographer at the Vue

Photographing guests during the speeches and reception

Toronto journalistic wedding photos

Guest captures from wedding receptions in Toronto

Journalistic wedding photos of the guests

Photographing the guests during speeches at weddings is a must

Journalistic photos taken during wedding receptions

Kids at weddings are always great photography subjects

Journalistic wedding photography Toronto

I try and get a photo of all the guests at each wedding

Journalistic wedding photos at receptions

Photographing kids at weddings will always give you great moments

Journalistic wedding photos at Beacon Hill Golf

Capture images with emotion during receptions


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