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Waterfront Fall Wedding

Oakville Marina Wedding

August 24, 2015 ,
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Her lace veil was used to photograph the rings and also to feature the beautiful detail.


Wedding details photographed with Tiffany Blue box


The bride sits down quietly to write down a few words to say at the reception.


Journalistic-Oakville-Marina -Wedding-Photos-0154


Photographing the bride in a journalistic style throughout the day whenever I can if the timeline is tight for portraits


Trying to find new and creative ways to photograph the dress can be challenging.

Oakville Marina Wedding Photos-1048


The bride gets ready as her mom watches her put on all her details.


Bridal portraits on a wedding day should only take a few minutes if you can get the bride alone.


I placed my bride in front of a window and I’m standing on the window sill shooting from above her.


I use my 85mm at 1.4 to shoot bridal portraits on the wedding day.


While the bride is sitting on the floor you can easily get 3 or 4 different portraits by just moving around the bride.


Try and photograph all the details separately and while the bride is putting them on.


Her dad fixes her dress as she bounds from the limo with enthusiasm towards the ceremony


This moment when her dad looks at her before he walks her down the aisle.


These antique key place cards were such a great idea as guest found their place.


Ceremony photograph with the beautiful window light showcasing the bride and groom


You have to be ready for these spontaneous moments to happen


I love that since the officiant didn’t move out of the way for the kiss that I was able to get her in the photo between them since she was a personal friend.

Journalistic-Toronto- Marina-Wedding-photographer-0518

The joy on their faces as they leave the reception room after saying I do.

Oakville Marina Wedding Photos-0588

It was a cold overcast day at the marina but these guys were brave and willing to go outside for bridal party photos.

Oakville Marina Wedding Photos-1127

A personal friend performed their ceremony so it was important to get some images of her too.

Oakville Marina Wedding Photos-1157

The brie saying hello to her grandmother after the ceremony


Oakville Harbour Marina on a cold fall day didn’t stop these two from going outside for some photography

Journalistic-Toronto- Marina-Wedding-Photography-1274

The gorgeous fall colours showcased at this wedding in Oakville

Oakville Marina Wedding Photos-1302

An intimate moment between the bride and groom by the water

Journalistic-Toronto-Marina Wedding Photography-1364

While being photographed by the second shooter I’m able to grab these journalistic photos

Journalistic-Toronto- Marina-Wedding-Photography-1369

He looks at her with love…..


I prefer the almost kiss instead of the nose squishing real kiss


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