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Top 5 questions choosing a wedding photographer – Part 2

July 30, 2013 ,
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journalistic wedding photography

Journalistic wedding photography


Questions you should be asking wedding photographers during email or phone consultation

What Style of Photography do you do?

Frances captures weddings in a very journalistic style but doesn’t think photography should be limited by a single type.    While she is very hands-off and unobtrusive in her coverage of the day she does believe that there is a time and place for gorgeous, casually posed images of the bride and groom together.  Although, she would like to have about an hour with the bride and groom alone without the bridal party or family to create some images, other times she will capture the events of the day as they happen without stopping you to pose for pictures.   Frances also believes strongly in remembering all of the details of the wedding; from your cake to your shoes, so her work will have an abundance of images with all your wedding details.  Her images of the guests at the wedding are almost 100% journalistic and she won’t stop entire tables at the reception and make them pose for “table shots”, preferring instead to capture them laughing, smiling, dancing, drinking, and having a great time.
Do you still take posed family images, and can we give you a “Shot List” ?

Frances strongly believes in capturing those family members that have joined you in celebrating this day.   A few weeks before your wedding she will send you a questionnaire covering the wedding day timeline and among the other questions is a list of traditional images you would like to have captured.  Although, this is not your standard “shot list”, you will be able to let Frances know about certain people or groupings you would like her to pay special attention to.   Please remember, you have trusted Frances to capture your day as it unfolds naturally with a journalistic style and additional time spent on numerous family groupings and gathering guests for photos will take away from documenting the family dynamic as it happens.

Niagara Falls wedding photograher

Niagara Falls Wedding Photographer

Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?
Absolutely!  Whatever lighting situation comes our way, we are prepared to handle it using the best equipment ready to handle natural low light and flash equipment to handle difficult lighting situations.
Do you guarantee your presence at the actual wedding?
Yes! When you hire Frances Morency Photography you get me as the primary photographer.  In the rare instance that I should become sick or unable to shoot, I guarantee a replacement shooter with the same shooting style and qualifications to fill in.   We belong to a network of Wedding Photographers across the GTA so a capable replacement shooter is a phone call away.
Can our family and friends take pictures with their cameras?
Of course they can and it doesn’t bother Frances at all! She would really appreciate it if she was allowed to take the posed photograph first then Frances would allow anyone else who would like to take photographs.  You will also appreciate all eyes facing my camera for your final images as well.  Frances does not allow family or friends to come along for the bridal images or the images of you two alone for privacy purposes and no distractions.   She welcomes other cameras during dancing, cake cutting.

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