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Professional vs Amateur Photography

why you should hire a professional photographer

November 6, 2014 ,
Hockley Valley Wedding Photographer
Doctors House Wedding Photographer

As a professional photographer I knew I saw something here and a new photographer or amateur photographer honestly does not have the experience or the creative eye to see like this yet.  It takes time, talent, experience and the right equipment.   If you are just looking for snapshots of your wedding day and are on a budget then by all means get a friend or uncle bob to capture the wedding… as long as you have pictures that is all that matters, but if photography is important to you and you cherish great images then experience, talent, equipment matters.

The light was behind them….the tall wheat grass was thick and I could put them behind it without having to go into it and I had a fairly unobstructed background if I got low. It’s up to me as a pro to be able to capture images wherever we are. This instance we were waiting for another wedding party to finish at a location and while we were waiting I captured a few portraits of the bride and groom. Honestly, the groom thought I was nuts, but once he saw what I captured from the back of my camera I knew that they would trust me for the rest of the day.

Creative wedding photographer toronto

Using the right lens makes all the difference…… 70-200mm at 200mm. f3.5 Positioning your clients using a foreground and background. Put your clients between you and the sun and using the right aperture will make all the difference in your work.

before and after wedding photography

This is the before shot 70-200mm at 110mm f 3.5……. and my clients trusted me that I knew what I was doing.

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