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Tips for choosing the right wedding photographer

July 29, 2013 ,
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Important questions to ask photographers

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Choosing a wedding photographer is a daunting task. With so many new photographers, prices, and packages to choose from, how do you know they’ll do a great job capturing your memories? The last thing you want is to hire someone who will be a disappointment to you in service or quality on the most important day of you life.

Here’s a list of questions to ask every photographer you meet to ensure you’ll get gorgeous images that you’ll love.


It’s important to find out the background of your photographer. Are they educated with the basics of photography or are they just good at taking pictures? Knowing the technical details of light and composition is key to good photography. Are they proficient with photo editing softwares? Do they know how to work their cameras? You would be surprised how many photographers out there just shoot in automatic mode and don’t know how to use their cameras for specific lighting situations like back light, low light, or night photography.

I have an art diploma from BEAlart Canada, and I studied photography at Sheridan College for two years and I stay updated with trends and new techniques with workshops every year.  I have been attending WPPI (wedding portrait photographers international ) for the last 2 years and continue to grow in my style.   I started my business photographing children and families and that experience alone has made me the journalistic photographer that I am today.  


It’s shocking how many people start photography businesses but never go through the steps to make it legal or get insurance. Hiring someone without these things is simply asking for trouble.

Frances Morency Photography is completely insured and presents you with legal contracts and invoices.


Not only do you need to make sure your photographer has backup gear in case something happens with their primary camera on the day of the wedding (and it WILL happen at some point if they shoot enough), it’s important that their backup gear is also professional grade equipment so your photo quality doesn’t suffer.

Frances Morency Photography uses pro line Nikon gear and backup gear.  Long list of equipment and backup equipment available upon request.


We believe that every image from your wedding is important, so each photo is edited the same as you see in this magazine and on our website. Some photographers only do a “quick” edit unless you buy a print or put the photo in your album, so it is important to know what you’ll be getting up front, especially if they do additional editing to the photos on their website or in their marketing.

I edit every single image individually using Lightroom and Photoshop and ensure that every image is something that I would be proud to showcase on my own walls or in album.

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