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Story Day Wedding

Southshore Community Centre Wedding

July 23, 2016 ,
Journalistic wedding photography in Toronto streets
stormy weather bride and groom portraits by waterfront

The bride wore lace and looked stunning in this pretty gown that hung from this gorgeous property that they rented especially for this day and bridal preparations.  Then we all headed to the Southshore Community Centre for the wedding ceremony, photos and reception.  This location for photography had it all…..waterfront, skyline, trails with wildflowers, the lake and a great view of the community centre in the background.

Venue: Southshore Community Centre

Officiant/DJ: Ceremony Solutions, ceremonysolutions@yahoo.ca

Photography Assistant: Jessica Wambolt

Photographer: Frances Morency Photography

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-2549

I try and stay away from putting the dress in the window anymore, but sometimes it’s the only option.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-2646

I moved the gown to this spot for my bride to have easy access plus this is the light I wanted her in to get ready.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-2661

Maid of honour helping her into her gown with such a look of joy on her face.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-2679

Maid of honour doing up the last of the buttons as my bride beams with joy and anticipation.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-2687

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-2701

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3984

As the final touches are in place I call the rest of the wedding party to come and get her picture perfect.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-2768

The bridal party gathers around for one final touch-up moment before she is off to get married.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3015

She is beaming as her father walks her down the aisle towards her future husband.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3022

A calm father giving the gorgeous bride away to be married.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3035

Backlight wedding ceremonies are tricky on the best of days but this location is quite stunning.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3058

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3199

A group shot of the entire wedding is done easily here at the Southshore Community Centre

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3226

Journalistic bridal party photograph in front of the venue.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3260

Bridal party photographs do not have to be formal or stiff even with large groups.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-3345

These rowboats added just little interest in this gorgeous landscape bride and groom portrait.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4330

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4336

The groom was very emotional during the ceremony which was very touching.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4349

As the bride looks at him here, I can just imagine what was said.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4355

The bridesmaids could not hold the tears back at they said their vows.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4369

The groom held it together here as he said his vows although confessed later that he was so nervous he doesn’t remember much.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4390

Bride and groom first kiss as husband and wife and I love the reaction from the maid of honour in the corner

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4392

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4931

Love this moment when the groom pulls her back towards him.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4962

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-4982

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5004

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5019

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5047

A stormy sky did not stop us from taking photos by the water.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5152

A beautiful portrait for mom and dad and I love how the ring made an appearance in this shot.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5196

The Southshore Community Centre is a great spot for photography with a lot of great locations and quiet area too.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5329

The waterfront, tall grasses, purple flowers, wild flowers, marina, sandy beach, rocks, and the Southshore Community Centre in the background.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5369

Grand entrance time and these guys did not disappoint!

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5377

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5388

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5402

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5421

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5427

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5446

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5450

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5455

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-5466Southshore community centre hosted this Barrie wedding with view of the lake and beautiful light coming from walls of windows.


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