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Journalistic Beach Engagement

Scarborough Bluffs Journalistic Engagement

October 18, 2016 ,

Location: Scarborough Bluffs, beach, swamp, cliffs and trails

Weather:  Sunny and overcast day

Nikon D4

70-200mm mostly

85mm 1.4

Started late day walking to the cliffs at Scarborough Bluffs and caught a few moments of sun before it became completely overcast.  Spent a couple hours with these two just walking and talking about their wedding day next year.  We stopped a couple risky spots….like right on the edge of a swamp, but they were up for anything and let me do my thing.  Right away, I knew they were going to be great in front of the camera and now they are all set for their wedding day next year.


I asked them to climb down a steep hill and stand on the edge of a swamp with weed everywhere and they said ooookkk!!


We were starting to loose our light and the day was turning overcast, but I love that on a portrait session because it give me the opportunity to give them different looks to their images.


The clouds were rolling in and the sun was gone, but the cliffs at Scarborough Bluffs were still amazing and we were the only ones there.


These two were willing to do whatever I suggested and when I put them in a spot they just sprung into action and I loved the authentic smiles on their faces.



Sometimes its just about having fun together and forgetting that a photographer is hanging out with you.


As they were getting ready to skip some stone across the lake I asked them to see the ring.



All I did here, was ask them to step into the weeds and snuggle. I kept shooting as they burst out laughing at how ridiculous they looked to people walking by.


This was a strange spot with a mosaic of large stones and water seeping into the swamp, but I saw an opportunity to have them sitting on something that wasn’t wet or sandy and went for it.


Shooting through the weeds here to hide some unattractive steel beams behind them as they stand next to this swamp at the scarborough bluffs


Spotted this light as we walked back to the car at the end of our session and couldn’t resist.

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