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Toronto Plus Size Boudoir Photographer

January 28, 2014 ,
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The natural light in my home studio is perfect for a private boudoir session.  I have multiple rooms that all have a different feel and light which will give you a variety of images.  Each boudoir photography session lasts approx. 1-1.5 hours which allows for 3-4 wardrobe changes and makeup touch ups.  Ashley wanted some photographs taken for someone special as a valentines gift.  Ashley is proof that you don’t have to be in perfect shape or a size 2 to do a sexy boudoir session and with the confidence that she had I could have photographed her all day.  Women come in all shapes and sizes and you should be proud of the body you have.   I highly recommend hair and makeup professionally done before arriving to the studio and I truly believe that it will greatly lift your spirits and prove to you that you are beautiful no matter what size you are at the time.   Ashley is a friend of one of my September 2013 brides and when she contacted me to do a boudoir session I was so excited for her.  Amanda and Ashley spoke about the upcoming session and this is the conversation that followed and I “QUOTE”

” I was talking with Amanda yesterday and she asked if I would be ok with you posting my pictures on your website, blog, facebook whatever the case may be. I said that I think that would be really great! When I was deciding to do the photos and looking at your website all I saw were skinny girls looking all super sexy and then there is me… I am size 24/26 how could I possibly look sexy? What I realized a long time ago and after many years of hating who I was and the way I looked is that being sexy isn’t a body type or a style it isn’t in the clothes you wear or the way you do your hair. Sexy is confidence, it is the way you carry yourself and the way you put yourself out there. There are tons of people out there that take one look at me and are disgusted, and that is perfectly fine I have heard every name in the book when it comes to being fat, I may be fat but I couldn’t love myself more. I have so many people in my life who love me and don’t see me as a big girl, they just see me as Ashley.  So even if one girl skinny or plus sized sees my pictures and takes it in a way to start loving herself a little more then it is worth it! “

Incredibly well said Ashley…… you were a pleasure to photograph and Happy Valentine’s Day.

toronto natural light boudoir photographer

natural light boudoir photographer

toronto natural light boudoir photography

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plus size boudoir photographer

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