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A photographer that just takes pictures or a PRO that creates images?

August 6, 2014 ,
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A creative photographer is a pro that has developed a creative eye and editing style over years of experience.  Images start by judging and placing your clients in the best light possible at your location. Exposing properly, composing and capturing emotion,  as a journalistic photographer,  that’s the skill I honed over the years.

journalistic wedding photographer-4676



The next part of a great image is being able to edit properly.  Your editing skill is as much a part of your style as shooting the image.

unposed engagement photography

Final Edit

creative wedding at the distillery district


toronto distillery wedding photographer

Final Edit

journalistic wedding photographer-6189


journalistic wedding photographer--3

Fine Art Panoramic wall canvas

evergreen brickworks creative wedding

Creative way to dress up your Wedding Album

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