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Ottawa Journalistic Wedding Photographer

October 7, 2016 ,
barn and sunflowers bride and groom photography

Journalistic wedding photography at one of the busiest places in Ottawa at the Parliament buildings.  We started our day downtown Ottawa with the first look at the parliament buildings with very difficult light situations and crowds, but I think we managed to pull it off.  Then we headed to a lovely spot down the street from the wedding with large sunflowers and a barn which is a nice contrast to downtown Ottawa.   In the fields, we took family photos, bridal party photos and a few more bride and groom photos before heading to the ceremony.  The ceremony was taking place at the grooms family home just outside of Ottawa in their tented backyard.  Shannon of Kennedy Events was taking care of all the details and the guests while we took a little break for photography with family.  The ceremony was about to begin and the setting was just right as the sun was setting behind the trees.  The groom waited with anticipation as his lovely bride arrived with her mom and dad on her arms about to get married to the long time love of her life by a family friend.  The ceremony was nicely decorated with flowers by Mill Street Flowers and decor by Kennedy Events.  The emotional speeches had everyone paying attention and present at this wedding and cheers of joy abound along with petals thrown in the air over the bride and groom.


Walking with mom helping hold her dress while we rush to meet the groom at a pre-determined spot.


Their first look amongst construction, tourists and other photographers, but these two pulled it off by creating very special moments to focus on.


The moment she turns around and he sees her for the first time in her gown. These two could not wait to get into each others arms and get married.


A weddingscape with the entires scene on parliament hill with the bride and groom walking across the very busy lawn.


Couples have to be very aware of the time of day they plan for their photos. I would have loved to put the sun behind them here but then I would have gotten a huge crowd of tourists and construction in the background and this not this building.





The sun is very harsh but as we are walking back I try and find a couple spots that would work as well as get some of the area in the photos.


I positioned my bride a groom for a portrait here while the wind was blowing her hair and and the asked to turn and look at the sun for the next image.


The was the field with the very large sunflowers where we took all the family photos and some bride and groom photos. This photo was taken while shooting through some of the flowers and I just asked her to look towards the sun.


Married and a celebration they have both been planning for has finally become a reality and they couldn’t be happier.


Wildflowers were scattered over them as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife.


This is why I do what I do. Capturing these moments for my clients are whats important if not more important than everything else because these are the memories that will be cherished and need to be remembered with your grandparents. These are the photos you will cherish the most and why you need to hire a photographer that can anticipate and capture the feeling at that time to remind you always of how you felt at that very moment with some of the most cherished people in your life.


This bride clearly had an incredible connection with her grandparents and it was was clearly felt by anyone who was around for this moment between them and I’m incredibly blessed to have been able to be there for her.


and then this happened where her grandma happened to witness this moment as well and joined in them perfectly for me to capture this image. I knew the moment I took this image that it was going to be one of my favourites of the day.













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