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The Most Important Photos to take at your Wedding

December 10, 2013 ,
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You’ve spent a year maybe longer, planning, searching, possibly making some of the details for your wedding day.  It’s only natural that you would want all the details photographed. But when the ceremony is over, and the flowers are wilted, the cake is eaten and your lying in bed the next morning in disbelief at how fast the day went, aren’t you glad you had someone capture all the details and the moments so that you can relive it anytime you want.

I’ve captured all the details and the event, but I’ve also photographed the people, the emotions and the relationships between your families and friends.

estate of sunnybrook wedding photographer

the moment the groom hugs his mom after the first dance

Liuna Gardens Hamilton Wedding

the bride and groom stealing a moment during the speeches

hamilton liuna wedding photos

sister of the bride loving that song the dj is playing

royal ambassador wedding photographer

royal ambassador wedding photographer

royal ambassador wedding pictures

spontaneous moments like these are the ones you want from your wedding 

journalistic wedding photos

the special bond you share with your father

destination wedding photographer

capturing the unexpected moments that have you laughing so hard

bear and bison wedding photographer

again, expect the unexpected with the groomsmen

oakville harbour wedding

anticipating the moments between a mother and daughter

oakville waterfront wedding

the groomsmen at wedding are the most unpredictable

royal ambassador wedding photographer

groomsmen telling embarrassing stories at the reception

toronto wedding photography

groomsmen had funny hats to go with their kilts ….. this was totally spontaneous

journalistic wedding photographer

toronto wedding photography

this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up

toronto wedding photographer

the groom and his friends enjoying hand rolled dominican cigars


journalistic wedding photographer

journalistic wedding photographer


journalistic wedding photography

the look on HER face when she sees him for the first time

oakville harbour wedding

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