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Mississauga Journalistic Wedding

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October 25, 2016 ,

Resurrection Parish Hall was perfect for a wedding with a great space for cocktail hour and social area during the reception.  The main dinning room was large and had a lot of room to walk around and chat with everyone even if the dance floor was packed and it was for most of the night.  These two started their day getting ready at the Courtyard Marriott for him and home for her.

Weather:  Overcast Day Photography

Video:  Images Life Media

Venue: Resurrection Parish Hall

Photo Location:  Alley next to church


All the boys gathered at the Courtyard Marriott Airport to get ready for this big journalistic wedding. As you can see, the boys know how to make a mess too but photographing them in a journalistic style really shows how the morning went.


I love this shot photographed from me lying on hotel floor……yuk and shooting up in order to hide the clutter behind them.


As she puts on the final touches for her wedding day the bridesmaids all had their phones out for a photo and I couldn’t resist capturing that moment.


During bridal preparations, I always try and take 5 min. with the bride alone and photograph her bridal portrait in at least 2 different ways. 85mm 1.4 at f1.4 – auto ISO – aperture priority


During bridal preparations, I always try and take 5 min. with the bride alone and photograph her bridal portrait in at least 2 different ways. 85mm 1.4 at f1.4 – auto ISO – aperture priority


On an overcast damp day, the bride needs to get a little help before the ceremony in order to get to the limo without ruining her wedding gown. Her bridesmaids were fantastic and her MOH was never far from her side and did a fantastic job all day.



Journalistic wedding photography is about photographing everything and making it pretty no matter what the location or situation.


Take advantage of every moment for portraits because you don’t know how the day could unfold.


Words can not express how much I loved photographing these two flower girls all day. They smiled every time they saw the camera and were complete angels all night long. I have so many photos of these 2 taken all day long that everyone will be happy.


The look on the grooms face says it all here as his bride quickly approaches with dad on her arm.






We were suppose to go to Bruckners Rhododendron Garden for the Bahai Ceremony and photos, but since the weather was unpredictable and the alley next to the church was so lovely we decided to stay here.



While we waited for the second ceremony to be set up outside, I took the opportunity to take this quick photo from above just next to a staircase against a cement wall.


A very large wedding party with 7 awkward men is not easy unless you just tell them to look away and work with the groom who was so great in front of the camera.


Never miss an opportunity for photographs. If I waited until they got her perfect for the bridal party photo, I would miss all these moments. 70-200mm 2.8 at f5.6 170mm iso 3200


I take a quick shot of them all camera aware, then ask them to walk towards me looking at each other which always gets fun, natural reactions.



Again, in the exact same location I was able to photograph all the photos we needed….. family formals, bridal party and bride groom photos. It just goes to show that you do not need to stress about finding or paying for pretty locations when an alley next to a church has great space, light and backgrounds like these.


I love veils and this one was absolutely stunning and with the slight wind in the alley we got some great movement for photos.


They haven’t moved in these next few photos except for their heads and me and this way I’m able to capture multiple photos with different angles in one single spot. This technique is ideal when you are pressed for time and need to give them variety in their photos. I literally just walk around them and shoot.






We were done the formal photos and they went to the limo and headed for the venue when I looked up and saw this shot while I was putting my gear away. I always always keep a camera out of my bag for these unexpected photos.


First dances must be captured to complete the wedding album. Some couple go to extreme lengths to give their guests and amazing experience on the wedding day and the first dance is the perfect opportunity to either welcome everyone to the party or to start the dancing portion of the night.


The first dance is also captured in many ways such as this fun filled emotional shot close up, and a full length photo, and a spot light photo, and a photo showing the entire venue as well as a photo with guests in the background. This venue allowed me to do all that.

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