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Family Photos on the Beach

March 24, 2016 ,
Owen Sound Journalistic Photographer
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Destination weddings are all about family so why not take advantage of a pro photographer travelling with you to grab some fantastic lifestyle family photos.  This is the ideal time to have some fun on the beach, pool or take me along on an excursion.  1hr is all you need and the memories you will take home with you will last a life time.

Lifestyle family sessions are all about having fun together and just hanging out while someone takes photos.  No need for posing or dressing up…..it’s all about you having fun together.


This beautiful scene needed to be photographed with a family enjoying the day.


As they walk towards me, I just ask them to look at each other and keep walking right past me.


These moving photos are a great way to get natural moments between family members that are unposed


Here is completely different angle but still a great photo to show with the beautiful scenery.


i keep shooting and wait for moments like these to happen.


Then I asked the kids to run up ahead of mom and dad and run right past me.


Great photos of families having fun on the beach require capturing them moving.


Then you get moments like these naturally, completely unposed


Here I asked for a group hug.


….. and then I got a little closer


Once your family does this a few times, the joking around starts and the moments get better and better


Then you get to photograph how the family really interacts with each other.


I then just asked them to stand in a line and face the water.


I then asked them to look at each other


Then they turned around for a portrait with the Cuba beach backdrop


I also try and get photographs of each individual and smaller groupings of the family


The kids had fun running around on the beach and it didn’t feel forced.


Here they are running past me on the rocks.


Then I asked this adorable little girl to walk towards me and just look around. Unposed photos are much easier than you think and when the children are not forced to stand or sit still or smile everything goes much more smoothly.


Lifestyle family photography at its best at a great location.


I still get traditional family photos, but when they realize that I’m not going to stage them, or posed them perfectly they are much more relaxed.

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