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Flash and Video Light Wedding

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July 27, 2015 ,
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This is why experience matters!  The photographer you choose should be educated and experienced! and should have all the proper equipment and knowledge of light to photograph and EDIT your wedding.   It’s up to us to give you the best possible images in whatever lighting situation we come across.  Sometimes you are getting ready in a small room with no windows, or sometimes the church is extremely dark and they don’t allow flash, or sometimes is raining all day and you have to be creative indoors with flash or video light.

Here is a before and after image of a bridal portrait created with minimal window light as it was raining outside.  A new photographer would probably disregard this image and it probably would never make it to the pick pile.  I look at every image and see how the light is hitting the subject and then create something out of nothing……like this image below.

Rainy day wedding

Nikon D700 85mm 1.4 @ ISO 5000 F1.4 shutter speed 1/2000

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