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Jouralistic Wedding Photography at Mandarin Golf Club

October 28, 2015 ,
Collingwood Lifestyle family photography

It was a gloomy day for a wedding reception at the Mandarin Golf Club.  Elton and Dian already married in Singapore a few weeks ago where they met while Elton was there on business.  They returned to Canada for a wedding reception to include family and friends from Ontario who could not make the long trip.  While I was there to photograph the reception, I asked if they were willing to step outside for 15 min. to grab some portraits.  I knew with Dian’s beautiful red dress they would be stunning against this backdrop and gloomy skies.   This little hill is literally right in front of the main entrance to the club house so we didn’t have to go far for some journalistic, unposed moments.

Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9637Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9638Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9650Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9654

Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9669Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9693Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9698Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9709Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9719Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9734Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9761Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9777Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9804Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9847Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9867Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9899Mandarin Golf Weddiing-9903Mandarin Golf Weddiing-0337Mandarin Golf Weddiing-0367Mandarin Golf Weddiing-0371

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