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The Opera House wedding in Toronto

August 29, 2016 ,
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The Opera House wedding photographer

Venue: The Opera House

Dinner: The Peasant Table

Hair and Makeup:  (untitled by flaunt boutique)

Second Shooter: David Proc Photography

Bands:  Biblical, Exile, Public Animal

I love small intimate weddings in unique locations like restaurants, bars, courtyards or even The Opera House in Toronto.  This wedding was so unique that it was a pleasure to be there.  We started out the day at their apartment for preparations as well as the hair salon down the street while the groom got everyone ready at The Opera House where he managed all the details.

From the bride –


I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with the photos. Despite only meeting you once, via Skype no less, you were completely able to put us at ease and allowed us to have fun. They turned out so wonderfully and it will be very hard to choose some favourites to print or for an album. They really did turn out better than I could have hoped.

Thank you so very much!

Ashley xox

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3562

Preparation photos start out the day while this bride gets ready for her Opera House wedding in just a few hours.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3579

Her hair was already perfect as she sat in the window light facing Queen St. to have her makeup done for her wedding.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3600

Mom and sister were already done and this bride sat patiently as the rain came down on this wedding day.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3802

She was all smiles for her bridal portrait and I couldn’t have changed that for the world.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3798

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3757

I photographed the moments as she put on her jewellery chosen specifically for this day.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3723

Mom came in the room to put on the finishing touches on her dress

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3704

I love the determination on moms dress as Ashley said she jus wanted one bow loop on her dress.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3702

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3677

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3655

I love the sign on the wall in this photo with the wedding dress

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3640

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3551

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-6138

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-6130

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-6145

They also requested a “first look” session back at the apartment to remember those memories there as they had just purchased their first home and will be moving out of the area.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-0521

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-0523

Will waiting in anticipation to see his bride for the first time today all dressed and ready to marry him.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3868

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-0526

You can see his excitement all over his face as Ashley walks toward him……

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-0538

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3873

They were also very excited to exchange gifts right before the reception dinner

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3880

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3881

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3889

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3853

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-3908

The wedding ceremony was taking place after an intimate dinner at The Peasant Table down the street.  Dinner was followed by family photos and photos of the bride and groom in the rain as well as in local bars.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8736

A Queen St E bar was kind enough to let us come in out of the rain to take some wedding photos.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8727

When you have a bride that steals the show, put the groom playing the pinball machine and let her do her thing…… priceless

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8695

These two could not stop laughing all day and made my job so easy to photograph them just being natural

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8692

The bar tender turned out to be someone they new and joined them in a toast on their wedding day.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8677

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8648

A little rain, thunder and tornado warnings did not stop these two from smiling all day long.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8637

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8565

In the middle of Queen St E while it’s raining I spot this alley with the cutest little house on the end.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8554

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8222

Now it’s time to head over to the restaurant with family and friends for dinner before the big ceremony

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8210

Then it was time for the wedding ceremony on the stage of the iconic Opera House here in Toronto.  The lights were all set and the sound stage was ready for this next part of the day as all the guests gathered around the stage like they were there to see the next live act as the bride and groom each took a side stage and met in the middle amongst the musical instruments, microphones and speakers.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-4213

Opera House centre stage for the wedding ceremony was so creative.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-4249

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-4255

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-4265

Centre stage they met and the officiant performed a very fun ceremony for all their friends and family

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-4270

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-6337

Their first kiss on stage in front of all their friends and family and some simple decor was just stunning.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-6347

Congratulations to the new mr and mrs as they acknowledge their family and friends below

Opera House Wedding Photographer-4470

I could not miss this opportunity to grab them a night shot with The Opera House sign on their wedding day.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-0615

Thank you to David Proc for getting to the balcony for this shot of the wedding ceremony

Journalistic Wedding Photographer-8771

When the first dance was announced so was the fact that they wanted it to be a group activity so everyone was asked to join and i raced upstairs to grab this shot for them.



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