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Journalistic Destination Wedding

Punta Cana Wedding

December 9, 2015 ,
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The best way to get a bride and groom landscape shot on a very busy walking beach is to put them in a corner.

I recently returned from shooting a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic and it was such a great group of people from Newfoundland, Alberta and Ontario which is probably why they decided on a destination wedding in Punta Cana at the very large Grand Palladium Bavaro Resort & Spa.   The weather was fantastic all week and only rained on the last day of our stay.  The wedding day was overcast and warm and perfect for a wedding by the waterfront under the gazebo.

Wedding preparations started at 1200pm with the Shavonne and her bridesmaids having lunch in her suite before hair and makeup starts.  The blue robes were handed out as the girls gifts along with many other things and bridal festivities began.


Bride getting her hair done in front of the only mirror in the room. I love the see thru wall and her all-day expression


Cute sparkly ballet flats for dancing the night away at your reception


She brought 2 dresses and this adorable short dress was for the reception party.


The ring shot on coral clam shell was ideal for a beach wedding


The wedding dress photographed with available light from the night stand.


This bride gave us all welcome bags with goodies for our week stay.


Gift bags also included information package with great details for the wedding day and the week including everyones room numbers, wedding day timeline and resort info.


These girls had a blast opening up the champagne after getting hair and makeup done.

Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Journalistic-Wedding-4068Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding-4056Journalistic-Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4051Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Journalistic-Wedding-4038Unposed-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding-4036Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding-4028Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding-100Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro Wedding--7Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding--5Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding--4Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding--3Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding--2


Beautiful love note from her groom brought tears to her eyes.




This resort is huge and so easy to get lost as nothing is in straight lines and I probably should have called the front desk for a ride when I was headed to the groomsmen, but luckily Patty agreed to come and get me and bring me back to the boys suite so that we could stay on time.  The boys being boys were of course all shirtless as they always are on destination weddings…..it’s ok I don’t mind.  I was just in time for the grooms men gifts and a few portraits of Mark getting ready.

Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding-4431Journalistic-Grand-Palladium-Bavaro-Wedding-4436Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4450Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4458Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4469Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4511Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4104Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4093

Now it’s time for the ceremony as all the guests have already gathered by the gazebo enjoying a few cocktails I’m sure, and we are picked up in an open air cart and taken to the wedding ceremony location perfectly on time.

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4333Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4329Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4320Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4347Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4807Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4780Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4824Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4826Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4834

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4364

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4385Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4394Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4396Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4475

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4464Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4452

After the ceremony we photographed the whole group and then they all went over and signed a guest witness form which was going to be a keepsake for Shavonne and Mark placed in a bottle to save as a momento.  This was a fantastic opportunity for me to grab a portrait of each couple who attended the wedding.  Everyone at destination weddings should do something like this……great idea!

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5124Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5132

Now that the guests have all been picked up and escorted to the lobby for cocktail hour we are off to take some photos of the bridal party.   Here’s a normal one then Shavonne did Shavonne things ……. LOL had me laughing all day long and kept me on my toes.

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5294

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5285Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5277Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5272

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5627Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5604Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6010Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5974

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5668

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5773Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5756Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5739Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5708

bride groom photos palladium

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5697Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-5676

Now it was time to dance the night away to DJ Mannia in the open air restaurant by the beach.  The wedding staff did an amazing job with the wedding and the decor was exactly how Shavonne had imagined it and we danced all night long, even me ( that’s how good the DJ was) until the train stopped by to pick us up at the end of the night.

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6094Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6084Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4619Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4560Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-4557

Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6579Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6561Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6554Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6553Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6551Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6533Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6530Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6525Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6451Grand Palladium Bavaro Wedding-6102



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