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Journalistic Caledon Wedding

Journalistic Millcroft Inn Winter Wedding

March 29, 2016 ,
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The Millcroft Inn gardens were destroyed by fallen trees during this years ice storm.  I was photographing a journalistic style wedding this weekend and luckily the inn has the capabilities of running on a generator and the wedding was not cancelled even though most of the area was powerless.  Some guests did experience nights with only fireplaces to keep warm, but spirits were still high and the weather was going to be gorgeous as they witnessed this amazing couple get married in the Erin Room.  The day started out below zero with all the trees covered in ice and by 1200 noon the sun was shinning and the temperature was rising quickly to 7 degrees and all you could hear was the sound of ice crashing to the ground as it melted off the trees.  For me, this was a dream come true to be able to photograph a bride and groom in this gorgeous scenario, but we had to move fast as it was all melting away very very quickly.  In fact after the ceremony took place at 4pm we had very little ice left on the trees so we headed for the woods and shaded areas where the sun hadn’t reached yet.


We had just experience an incredible ice storm and I couldn’t wait to photograph these 2 with the light shinning down and crystal melting and falling off trees.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-6395

The Erin Room hosted this wedding ceremony with a beautiful backlight from the patio doors.


Backlight wedding ceremony can be tough when you only have one position to shoot from but then if becomes all about the moments.


The cutest little ring bearer stepped up with a horseshoe and proceeded to hand the groom the rings.


The adoration on his face here says it all about his feelings for his bride. It’s all about catching the moments in between………


This is an important shot to get and I try to grab a close up as well if possible.


The first kiss while her maid of honour sister looks on.

Millcroft Inn & Spa Ice Storm 2016

This was the scene when I arrived to photograph the wedding at 3pm and my 430pm it had already melted away.


Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-1920

Photos by the waterfall are a must at the Millcroft Inn and Spa. Unfortunately, we could not get to the other side because of the ice and snow and fallen trees, but this backdrop is stunning.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-1997

We walked around the property to try and find signs of the ice storm that had not melted away yet and the woods were still quite covered in the shade.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2009

The trees covered in ice made for the perfect backdrop to this beautiful bride wearing a stunning fur coat.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2098

This couple was up for anything even when I asked them to stand among the trees with crystals and ice clearly falling from the trees in the background.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-1930

Waterfall at The Millcroft Inn is a beautiful backdrop any time of year.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-1936-2

I took a wide shot to get the entire waterfall view then a nice close up of my couple in the same location

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-1936

and again in a different orientation and black and white

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-1993

Once the late day light came out and started to melt all the ice crystals we had to work fast to get our winter scene

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2022

My bride wore this stunning fur coat over her gown and it added a touch of class to her winter wedding photos.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2151

I put them in a hold and then just tweak it as I move around them and take photos

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2047

this angle I loved how you could just see her mouth and the moment before he kisses her.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2231

I found the light, great location then I put them in a face to face hold and he said something funny.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2238

…… and then he kissed her

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2249

…. and then I asked for a portrait

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-1990

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2280

During bridal preparations is when we typically capture all your details, but I also like to get creative images of the rings, dress and flowers with the bride and groom

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2295

Photographing the dress with the bride is the perfect opportunity to get beautiful bridal portraits too.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-6741

Here you can see all the destruction on the grounds of the beautiful Millcroft Inn & Spa but this couple was adventurous and willing to walk in the woods for me in order to capture beautiful ice storm photos.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2292

A detail shot of his corsage since we didn’t do bridal preparations i still try and grab some of the detail shots during the day.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2302

Make sure to have your bride move in many different directions to capture images of her dress at all angles.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-6724

As I asked them to walk away from me in this forest covered in ice crystals, i told them to look at each other for this shot.


The bride and groom first dance was simple and elegant


I loved how they continued to talk to each other during their first dance and I got smiles and laughter

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2310Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer-2315

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