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Video Light Wedding

King Edward Hotel Wedding Vanity Fair Ballroom

June 30, 2015 ,
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Vanity Fair Ballroom, newly renovated, and stunning location for a grand ballroom wedding.  The King Edward Hotel has recently undergone some major renovations and as promised, completed before the wedding.  Rebecca and Craig planned a fabulous wedding with ceremony and reception in the beautiful coffered, domed ceiling with crystal chandeliers.  A room with ambiance and character like no other with pink up lighting that created a magical atmosphere full of fragrant flowers in tall pewter vases and lots of family and friends.

The girls stayed the night and enjoyed a relaxing evening until everyone convened in the large suite occupied by the sisters.  The makeup artists arrived and set up in the bathroom with the only available makeup mirror as there was no window light to be had on this rainy day.  The hair girl set herself up in the main bedroom and started with the bridesmaids as the moms and bridesmaids chatted over coffee and treats.  Rebecca was quite calm and after escorting me to the bridal suite to photograph her gorgeous gown, shoes, jewellery, and rings she went back downstairs to join the party in her sisters room.  The bridal suite was quite lovely and I knew instantly that it was going to be my only opportunity to get some gorgeous available light images.  The room had large windows and was decorated with gray and red.  I quickly moved furniture and distracting objects and staged the room for the getting ready portion of the day.

Craig was at home with his groomsmen and David my second shooter was taking care of all his details and all the fun I’m sure they were having.  Mid morning the rain started and it just poured, but that didn’t phase Rebecca at all…..it was what it was.  The entire days was going to have to be photographed indoors with available light, video light and flash.

The beautiful Vanity Fair Ballroom, although brand new and decorated nicely, it has no windows at all and made it was quite clear to me at that I would be photographing the entire ceremony with flash and video light.  Since it was pouring outside, St. James Park, the location for formal portraits, was also going to be out of the question.  The hotel and Sarah the coordinator, did a great job accommodating me and my staff with our needs for locations for the photos.  The hotel does have quite a bit of variety and thankfully the Sovereign Ballroom was not in use so we were able to take some stunning photos of the bride and groom formals in that space.

The day went according to plan and everyone had a lovely evening celebrating with the new Mr. & Mrs.

I am so grateful to have been invited to document this wedding and I can’t thank these two wonderful families enough for including in their day.

King Edward Wedding-5813

I have been to the King Edward twice now for weddings and both suites had very limited window light.

king edward hotel photos

This gorgeous ring was photographed on her Manolo Blahnik punp

King Edward Hotel Wedding

The suites in the King Edward Hotel have limited window light, but can still create stunning bridal portraits.

King Edward Hotel Wedding-5697

The bridesmaids making sure the dress is just perfect.

King Edward Hotel Wedding-5337

King Edward Hotel Wedding-5330

King Edward Hotel Wedding-5297

King Edward Hotel Wedding-5292

The wedding dress looks stunning on the red sofas in the King Edward Hotel

King Edward Hotel Wedding-3656

King Edward Hotel Wedding-3617

The groom reading a love letter from his soon to be wife while getting ready at home with the groomsmen

King Edward Hotel Wedding-3598

King Edward Hotel Wedding-3567

king edward hotel wedding-5895

It was raining, so indoor bridal party photos were taken wherever we could with flash and video light

Toronto Journalistic Wedding

A video light was used here to photograph the bride and groom indoors.

king edward hotel wedding-6034

A jewish wedding ceremony with breaking of the glass in the Vanity Fair Ballroom

King Edward Hotel Wedding-6039

king edward hotel wedding-6049

king edward wedding-7775

Upstairs view from the main lobby of the King Edward Hotel

king edward wedding-8293

The Sovereign Ballroom was under construction and a great option for indoor photography while it rained. This ballroom has incredible windows.

king edward wedding-8302

king edward wedding-8318

Using the video light here for a more dramatic look in the Sovereign Ballroom of the King Edward Hotel

king edward wedding-8409

The Sovereign Ballroom also has incredible chandeliers in this wonderful space.

king edward wedding-8421

king edward wedding-8430

king edward wedding-8442

king edward wedding-8460

Her bouquet photographed with a video light in the Sovereign Ballroom while the bride is holding it.

king edward wedding-8482

king edward wedding-8489

king edward wedding-8492

king edward wedding-8499

King Edward Hotel Wedding-5969

King Edward Hotel Wedding-6199

King Edward Hotel Wedding-8997

King Edward Hotel Wedding-8994

King Edward Hotel Wedding-8543

King Edward Hotel Wedding-8507

King Edward Hotel Wedding-6207

King Edward Hotel Wedding-6190

King Edward Hotel Wedding-6199

King Edward Hotel Wedding-5949

King Edward documentary wedding photographer

King Edward Wedding-8830

king edward hotel wedding-9174

king edward hotel wedding-9202

king edward hotel wedding-9229

king edward hotel wedding-9237

king edward hotel wedding-9240

king edward hotel wedding-9278

king edward hotel wedding-9309

king edward hotel wedding-9330

king edward hotel wedding-9412

king edward hotel wedding-9441

journalistic vanity fair wedding photos

King Edward Wedding-6686

King Edward Hotel Wedding-9515King Edward Hotel Wedding-9512

King Edward Hotel Wedding-9509


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