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Journalistic Family Formals

Journalistic Guest Photos at Weddings

November 16, 2016 ,
destination journalistic wedding photographer

If your photographer is not shooting guest captures at your wedding then you’re missing out on some great moments.  Hiring a photographer to photograph your wedding is not only about the bride and groom.  It should also be about the moments in between.  Sure, if you hired the right professional then they’ll get the traditional photos that they should capture, but they should also be photographing the people that are there with you.  I am all about the journalistic moments before and after the “shot list” shot.

Journalistic photos during family formals? Absolutely! That’s your opportunity to grab candid photos of the people closest to your bride and groom and they are right there in front of you waiting for the formal portrait to be photographed.


journalistic destination wedding photographer

Start by putting them together and seeing what is what and I usually snap a shot right away while they get organized and check my settings and the click of the camera usually alerts them that I’m ready.   Shot 1

journalistic destination wedding photography

Shot 2 Now they’re almost ready.  They are together laughing and having a great time and aware that I’m waiting, but unaware really that I’m shooting too.

destination journalistic wedding photographer

Shot 4  Now, I’ve got them and still in a journalistic form.  They are not quite there yet for a formal photos, but I love this even more and thrilled that I can give these kinds of images to my couples.

journalistic destination wedding photographer

Shot 3 Almost there, but not quite and I wouldn’t even give them this shot.  BUT, for the purpose of explaining how I photograph guests captures during formals I’m putting this in.  Sister on the left is not quite ready and the 2 girls in the middle are not looking at me yet.

journalistic destination wedding photographer

Shot 4 I hold for 2 seconds and see what happens next and voila! I got this!

journalistic destination wedding photographer

Shot 5 Now, I’ve got them all camera aware and smiling and perfect for a portrait. Still not formal in a sense where they are standing like soldiers, but casual and relaxed and NOT POSED at all. This was all them.


Sometimes I’ll even include a black and white. Why not? the photo is there and usable and it’s 1 click to convert to black and white.







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