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Journalistic Wedding Photography

Grooms on wedding days

March 23, 2016 ,
Collingwood Lifestyle Photography
Collingwood Lifestyle Photography
Owen Sound Journalistic Photographer

Journalistic wedding photography is about capturing the moments in between the shot list shots.  A journalistic wedding photographer is always on and constantly shooting anticipating the moments that are bound to happen.  You have to be ready though…..how many times did you photograph the kiss then stop and look at the back of your camera display to notice that the groom just dipped his bride, or they high fived each other or their child came running up for a hug and you missed it because you were looking at the back of the camera all proud that you got the kiss shot.  My most talked about images are the ones that happened when you were least expecting them.  Once you trust your settings and lighting you can relax and just shoot.

Donalda Club -5812

Grooms don’t often shed a tear, but be ready for it nevertheless.

King Edward Wedding-8177

Sometimes it’s the grooms men that give your the most interesting looks

Owen Sound Wedding Ceremony-7152

This groom could not believe his eyes.

Barrie-Innisfil Wedding Photographer99-2

Some groomsmen are just patiently waiting and this is when you can get creative angles.

Cabo Mexico Wedding Photographer-616

I always try and get the grooms reaction by shooting between the bride and whoever is walking her down the aisle.

Caledon Wedding Photographer-0043

The anticipation at the ceremony is sometimes is an incredible moment in itself


Depending on where I can shoot from i try and get the grooms reaction from different angles.


You don’t always get a reaction from the grooms, but it’s still an important photo to get.


Getting the shot no matter what…..even if it’s after the bride passes you down the aisle.


I also try to get a shot of the entire bridal party before the bride walks down the aisle.


The groomsmen were reacting much better than the groom here at this backyard ceremony


This destination wedding had all the groomsmen in coloured sunglasses, but that didn’t stop the grooms reaction as she walked down the aisle.

Owen Sound-Journalistic-Wedding-2437

This groom was very emotional so it was important to capture those moments as it set the tone of this wedding.


Happy grooms are just so excited to see their brides walk towards them.


This groom was nervous although you couldn’t tell here in his expression


I was trying to get the groom anticipation here when uncle Bob jumped in front of me to get a shot too.


Sometimes it’s all about the first look session for those unexpected moments.

Journalistic Wedding Photographer

Grooms with blank stares on their faces are usually the norm.


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