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Raw files from photographer….why?

November 7, 2014 ,
Collingwood Elopement Photography

Why would you want the RAW files?

Sometimes a second shooter is not required, but if you need someone to cover both bridal and groomsmen preparations then it’s a great idea to hire a second pro photographer for that part of the day. I photographed this wedding as a second shooter to David Proc. Adrienne and her bridesmaids started the day at the hair salon in Oakville then off to dad’s house for the getting ready part of the day. We were all getting ready to jump into the limo to head off to The Waterfront Centre in Hamilton when I saw this gorgeous light down her street. I persuaded her to give me 2 minutes to capture an image that I knew would be stunning with this light. I asked all the girls to head down the street and when I said stop to face me and get Adrienne’s dress just so, for the perfect portrait. Well, we got that traditional portrait but not before I do what I do best and that is to capture the moments.
I literally had 2 min. to get this shot before mom summoned all of us back to the limo or we would be late for the ceremony. I didn’t care about the cars, the sign or construction cones. I knew I could take care of that later. My focus was the moment that was happening in this gorgeous back light.

Raw files are basically digital negatives……why would you want them when you have hired your professional photographer for their style.

Someone once described it like this and I thought it explained it quite well.

  • you have all the ingredients for a sandwich right?
  • bread, mayo, lettuce, tomato, meat, avocado and cheese
  • each person given those ingredients would make their sandwich differently ( that’s editing in expensive software, raw .nef files are useless RAW if you don’t have the software to convert it. )
  • i don’t know about other pros but my settings in camera are basic, neutral tone because the magic happens in Lightroom/Photoshop with the RAW .nef file
  • i don’t EVER hand out my RAW files because my reputation is based on the quality of my work and if someone (clients) show unedited files to anyone that diminishes my expertise.
  • Below are some examples of RAW files edited in my style.

Asking for RAW files is like asking your caterer for the leftovers.  The RAW unedited files are not available for viewing or purchasing.  The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect my very high standards and creative ability.

A BIG thank you here to Alicia Riley Photography who is so much better at photoshop than I am and got rid of the cars and other distractions for me.  

waterfront centre hamilton wedding-5558

Nikon D4 70-200mm at 200mm f2.8 with 3pm full sun on a late September afternoon.

waterfront centre hamilton wedding-5558-2

this is the image SOOC before it was lightly edited in Lightroom and passed on to photoshop for car and sign removal.

toronto unposed family photography

RAW SOOC unedited image……not sharp, no contrast, neutral tones, no distractions removed. Not acceptable!!! and would never be given to a client in it’s raw state.

fine art edited

This Raw file has been lightly edited. The colours have been accentuated by using contrast and saturation, the image has been sharpened a d cropped. All the editing is done in Lightroom and takes several days after culling through hundreds of images and editing the best of the best.

toronto journalistic wedding photography1-

This file has gone one step further……….distracting poles, lines and sticks removed. Texture and definition in the sky was added and this image is ready to go to print and reflects my personal editing style. This takes hours and hours to complete hundreds of images, experience in editing software and a creative eye to be able to see what the final product should look like.


Raw file straight out of camera, unedited.


this image was edited in lightroom adding sharpness, saturation, contrast, luminosity, and tweeking in photoshop.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-7899

This was the scene when I arrived with my engagement couple for their session. I knew I was going to have get creative and this is why you need a pro.

Collingwood Wedding Photographer-7972

With strategic shooting and creative editing here is one of the final images.

why do you want the raw files


Here’s a great example of how much work goes into each and every image I create. This is the RAW unedited photo. This above photo is not a good representation of my work and why I do not provide unedited files to my clients.


This is the EDITED, final image provided to client. My clients hire me to be able to capture the spontaneous moments and for the ability to see beyond a photo with creativity.






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