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How to get natural family photos at weddings

November 5, 2016 ,

Want natural, unposed family photos at weddings?  Start with the traditional face forward photos where everyone is standing together, but don’t fuss too much.  Make sure they are not holding purses or cell phones and the mens jackets aren’t fighting the buttons.  If I see something that needs fixing I ask them to do it so that I’m always ready to take a shot if something random happens.  This is also when I’m snapping a shot to check my exposure and I’m not doing it when they are ready and waiting.


I start here….everyone is together and they looked nice right off the bat. I don’t mind that they have their arms around each other. I don’t mind that the bride and groom are not standing together and at this moment I don’t even worry about the cell phone …….. I just take a quick safe shot. Then I say ….”dad can you put your cell phone in your coat pocket please” thank you.


Then this next shot I say “ok everyone look at each other” and take a couple shots as they look around.


Then when I’m lucky and you wouldn’t believe how often it actually happens, I’ll get one person in the grouping that will do something spontaneous. I love the look on the brides sister’s face here.


My next line would have been “ok everyone look at me” and the groom is still laughing…..snap snap love it!


Two shots after the last one when the groom was laughing I get this and it’s so candid and face forward and natural and to me….perfect family photos.


The last of this grouping, now they are relaxed and aware and posing just a little. The photos above were so natural and spontaneous and totally them.


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