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Journalistic Mexico Wedding

Grand Sirenis Destination

April 20, 2016 ,
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Mexido Journalistic Wedding
Destination Wedding Photographer-3404

Photographing a destination wedding by shooting the scene during the ceremony.

Destination wedding photography with a journalistic style at this gorgeous Grand Sirenis Resort & Spa was at an incredible beach location.  The weather was perfect and the ceremony was secluded on it’s own private beach.  No beach bums in the backgrounds, no dudes in speedos walking through your photos and no random spectators you don’t even know watching you get married.  Photos were along a gorgeous stretch of beach with a light surf and dark ominous clouds where the sun sometime broke through.  Jesse and Krystal took appox. 40 people with them to the Mayan Riviera for this wedding and everyone had a fabulous time.


I follow my clients all day long even when they go to touch up their lipsticks and try to create images.


2 min. to photograph the rings means thinking fast and using what’s around you.


Trying to see the bride in different creative ways in reflections in mirrors and floors.


I photograph everything and just keep shooting what I see….here is a beautiful photo of reflections with the bridesmaids chatting.


The moment when the wedding coordinator from The Grand Sirenis showed up with the bouquets of gorgeous purple and white flowers.


Her Maggie Sottero – Brittania lace overlaid gown was stunning reflected in this oval mirror with window light.


It was time to get her into her gown with her sister and girlfriend helping with the laces.


Backlighting her dress shows off the beautiful lace detail and stunning back.


The brides sister looked at her during this moment that spoke volumes.

Destination Wedding Photographer-3120

Giving the bride options with bridal portraits is important so here I’m photographing her standing with the veil.


I chose to photograph her here with her back to the window to showcase her hair, ring, pearl necklace and veil.


As her sister lends a helping hand with the veil I photograph journalistic images of the moments without interruption.


Again here, Krystal’s sister Jen looks on as katie tries to figure out the clasp on the pearl necklace.


This beautiful rim light on there faces is just stunning.


It’s all about photographing the moments as they are happening with as little interruption as possible.


The bride and groom wanted a first look session and the bride couldn’t go outside as all the guests where on the same floor so we had the groom walk in for a reverse first look.


I directed Jesse where to go then just let the magic happen as I photographed them.


Destination Wedding Photographer-7180

Omgosh! this flower girl was perfect as she walked slowly down aisle delicately dropping petals and looking up every so often and smiling at me and the light is absolutely gorgeous during this ceremony.

Destination Wedding Photographer-7207

The background for this ceremony could not have been more perfect and secluded as this father walked the bride down the aisle.

Destination Wedding Photographer-3402

This location is completely private from resort guests and the sun was shining for this late afternoon ceremony.

Destination Wedding Photographer-7225

Jesse watched patiently as his bride walked towards him in the beautiful late day sun.

Destination Wedding Photographer-3401

The ceremony was quick and if you’re not prepared for that possibility you could miss some key moments, but as the sun set and the surf hit they got married in the perfect way.

Destination Wedding Photographer-7322

The sunlight was in and out and as the first kiss I love the way the sun just hit them perfectly.

Destination Wedding Photographer-7246

Destination Wedding Photographer-3410

Knowing this ceremony was going to be quick I took a chance and got this shot before I hurried back to my position to capture the mr. and mrs. kiss and you can see here how stunning the light was.

Destination Wedding Photographer-7332

Loved how mom stood for her daughter’s walk down the aisle as the new mrs. moran

Destination Wedding Photographer-8071

The groom just decided to dip his bride and I was ready….love this spontaneous moment.

Destination Wedding Photographer-8025

I wonder what he said to her here to put that kind of smile on her face. This coming from a groom who didn’t like to be photographed…..he was a natural.

Destination Wedding Photographer-8157

The ceremony was very short and sweet, but we were loosing our light fast and as the clouds rolled in we managed to get a few with a hint of sunlight.

Destination Wedding Photographer-7680

Krystal wanted a mariachi band to entertain her guests during cocktail hour and these guys were great!

Destination Wedding Photographer-8109

Catching the “inbetween” moments at weddings is what it’s all about.






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