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Wedding day bridal portraits

Must have bridal portraits on wedding day

January 18, 2015 ,
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Here are some simple must have poses for bridal portraits on the wedding day.  Sitting poses using window light, standing poses using available light, journalistic captures when time is not on your side.

a bear and bison in canmore wedding-8980

here for alicia’s bridal portrait I just asked her to crouch down and took a couple photos while we waited for her groom to show for her “first look” session.

a bear and bison in canmore wedding-8987

and another when I asked her to turn her head towards where her groom would be.

caledon royal ambassador wedding -9503

I usually ask my brides for 5 min. alone to capture their bridal portraits. On this day she sat down in front of the window and I stood on the bed and photographed from above.

barrie-innisfil wedding photographer258

my bridal portraits are usually taken during the preparations part of the day, but what do you do when the bride doesn’t want to be photographed while she is getting ready? you capture journalistic style portraits until you can get a few minutes alone with her

barrie-innisfil wedding photographer541

I was lucky to be able to photograph my bride alone during their bridal session by the water. It depends on the time frame of the day on wether or not you can fit in a modelling session of sorts. For this bride, I knew it would be easy since she used to model and knew how to stand.

barrie-innisfil wedding photographer568

another image where the bride knew to give me lots of options in a short time frame by just moving and changing her position. In approx. 2 minutes we captured all the bridal images we needed.

barrie-innisfil wedding photographer571-2-2

to get a great variety of portraits it’s important to be able to work with your bride and give her direction, but also to just let her move then grab closeups, 3/4 shots and full length portraits for a great variety

hockley valley bride portrait

flattering standing pose for a bridal portrait with available light outdoors.

window light bridal portrait at hockley valley

beautiful sitting pose using window light right after the bride gets ready. Nikon D4 85 mm F2.8

hanover vintage wedding photography-13

open shade bridal portrait with bride laying on the ground

hanover vintage wedding photography-32

another opportunity on the same day to grab a bridal portrait in bright sun at her back using a touch of vintage editing

hanover vintage wedding photography-71

a full length bridal portrait with the sun setting in the background







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