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caledon fall fair engagement photography

November 6, 2014 ,
Doctors House Wedding Photographer

Jenn and Justin planned a very quick intimate wedding including a last minute engagement session. Photography was extremely important to them and they new exactly what they were looking for. They choose all the locations and trusted that I would get them the images they wanted. We started the day at the Caledon Badlands, but it was Thanksgiving weekend and if your live in the area you know that means absolute chaos at the Forks of the Credit. So, we decided to explore the area and found a few large open fields before heading to the Falls at The Cataracts. Then we went to Alton for walk around the mill and then off to the Erin fall fair.

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9892

I love silhouettes and this was the perfect light source at the Erin Fall Fair.

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9417

We started the day at the Forks of The Credit on Thanksgiving weekend and it was crazy busy, but we managed to find a large field while the light was still perfect.

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9488

Finding the ideal spot for using foreground within my image and still capturing the great light behind them.

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9527

Use lead in lines and extreme crops following the rule of thirds for dynamic images.

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9367

I look for the light and it is absolutely gorgeous HERE! I put my subjects between me and the light, use tall grass or leaves to blur my foreground and use my 70-200mm at 200mm at F2.8 to get these kinds of shots.

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9633

Cataract Falls…. a little bit of hiking required, but worth it.

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9559

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9839

The sun was down and the sky was the perfect blue at dusk, and I needed to find the light for my subject and what better than a candy floss, candy apple stand.

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9756

Take a walk around the town of Alton…. lots of gorgeous spots for photography

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9880

Erin Fall Fair bumper cars….. why not? so fun!!!

caledon fall fair engagement photography-9924

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