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Lifestyle Family and Wedding Photography

September 17, 2013 ,
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Here are some images that only a lifestyle family photographer, journalistic photographer, or documentary photographer can capture with the right lens, light and creative eye.  All of these factors must be in place in order to grab these special moments and that’s what you pay for when you hire a professional photographer with experience, education and the right equipment.

I began my career as a lifestyle family photographer specializing in portraits of children.  My journalistic style was perfect for capturing those special moments that happen daily with your children.  Imagine someone capturing you reading to your children in the family’s favourite chair or someone documenting you and your girls in the kitchen baking a birthday cake for daddy or something as simple as bath time, play time and bedtime.  My experience as a family photographer gave me the experience to transition into the biggest family function there is……the wedding day!!!

Now, as a wedding photographer, I document the moments families have as they are getting the bride ready for her big day and everything that follows.  Everything from bridal prep, family portraits, the ceremony, candid guest captures, creative formal portraits of the bride and groom and the big party happening at the reception.

flower girl with sign

Captured during bridal prep of flower girl.

documentary black and white photography

Letting the moments happen in the right light and capturing it with a journalistic approach


bride and father wedding moments

It’s not just about capturing the special moments but to know when to anticipate the moment

journalistic wedding photography of bride

It’s easy to take a photograph, but it takes talent to create an image.

lifestyle family photography

Capturing children being children without direction or posing


candid photography of bride and groom

A journalistic wedding photographer will capture all the moments not just the predicted one.



wedding party in blue kilts

anticipating the moments is what journalism is all about





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