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Before and After of Edited Photos

Difference Between Lightly Edited and Fully Edited

May 11, 2015 ,
Documentary Family Photographer in Collingwood
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Documentary Wedding Photographer

My destination wedding photography costs are extremely competitive especially if you are going somewhere really cool.  You are also required to pay for travel and accommodations and fees to get to/from the airports.  The average cost of a destination wedding photographer from Toronto to Mexico as an example is $3000.00.  I often get asked what the difference is between lightly edited ($0) and fully edited ($1000).  There’s a big difference between what the camera captures and what each photographer creates in post processing.  Each professional photographer creates their personal style by the way they shoot and then finalizes it by post processing their images.  That’s how photography is so different between photographers.  Some are really creative in the way that they see images and some are really creative in the way they edit images.  So, below I’ve outlined the differences in images with before and after examples of what you would get with SOOC (straight out of camera) images and fully edited images.  It usually takes 3 times a long to edit a wedding as it does to photograph one.  I look at each and every image individually and make it as beautiful as possible. 

Editing is a long process as each image gets looked at individually when you hire FMP.

This image needed to have the couple isolated to show the mood, but this was such a crowded, small space that I had to create this image in editing.


this one shows lightly edited, colour balance, exposure adjustment, and sharpening

and this one below has extra editing…..kids in background removed, stormy sky enhanced and cropped to show how it really  looked that day.

Straight out of camera no editing

Lightly edited with my style

A custom edit that I also included in the delivered files.

Lightly edited…..as our cameras just record neutral images which is how each photographer has their own editing style and signature look…… $0

Fully edited with colour adjustments, skin smoothing, contrast, sharpening, exposure compensation and white balance……. $1000

Jamaica Destination Wedding Photographer

Straight out of camera


Lightly edited with exposure fix, white balance, colour corrected and sharpened


Completely edited with object in right hand corner also removed and sky enhanced.

Donalda Club Wedding-9539-2

Straight out of camera

Donalda Club Wedding-9539

Fully edited

Donalda Club Wedding-9544

Straight out of camera guest captures

Donalda Club Wedding-9544-2

Fully Edited (white balance corrected, cropped, and vignetting)

Donalda Club Wedding-6167-2

straight out of camera RAW

Donalda Club Wedding-6167

Lightly Edited  ( colour corrected, contrast, sharpening, vignetting, cropped) door and exit sign removed

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