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February 8, 2016 ,
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Kortright Centre hosted this family and maternity session recently.  We were hoping for a winter session, but winter just didn’t show up this year and no one is really complaining but it’s making it very difficult for clients who want winter scenes.  We decide to meet halfway at Kortright and hope that maybe there would be some remnants of snow in the woods.  All we found was mud and puddles with ice so we made the best of it.  The light on this day was gorgeous and it truly was a great day for lifestyle family photography.  We just took a few walks, talked and played while I photographed this new family with another baby on the way.


We waited for the perfect winter day with snow, but with a maternity session you don’t have a lot of time to wait.

Collingwood Lifestyle Family-7754

Maternity photos with a family session combination.


Photographing a family creatively by shooting through the trees.

Collingwood Lifestyle Family-7776

Family photography and maternity session in the park with a little one.

Collingwood Lifestyle Family-7790

It doesn’t have to be difficult…..I just put them together and shoot multiple different angles instead of repositioning my clients

Collingwood Lifestyle Family-7797

Put your families together and just let the moments happen as they will with little ones,

Collingwood Lifestyle Family-7813

No need to pose families…..just let it happen

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