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Documentary Family Photography in Home

Documentary Family & Newborn Photography

May 7, 2015 ,
journalistic bridal portraits on wedding days
Documentary Family Photographer in Collingwood
Documentary Family Photographer in Collingwood

Family photography should not be stressful for the kids.  I’ll come to your home and photograph you while you play and just hang out together.  I spent 2 hours with this gorgeous family in their beautiful home in Caledon.  Mathew, 2 years old, was much more comfortable with me if I was playing with him on his toy mat with trucks and cars and Gabriella being only 4 weeks old was much easier to console with her rocker near by.  There is absolutely no need for you to go anywhere when I can come to you and take photos in the comfort of your home.  First we started out by choosing a couple of outfits for Gabriella then I went to play with Mathew camera in hand of course because I needed him to get used to me with this big square thing staring at him.

unposed family newborn photos-1348

A little boy playing with his truck while i photograph him.

journalistic family photos

I then went to focus on newborn Gabriella since Mathew lost interest in me and although she was a little fussy at first she calmed down pretty quickly.  My family photography is journalistic and I tend not to fuss too much on the details but capture the moment as it’s happening.  I want to photograph you and your children as you are and not in baskets or pots or cute poses or baby bending as they say……..natural.

unposed family newborn photos-1743

unposed family newborn photos-1349

unposed family newborn photos-1488

unposed family newborn photos-1471

unposed family newborn photos-2

Then dad and Matthew came into the room and I included them in the fun as they sat down on the floor and spent precious time with Gabriella then Matthew came in and they all jumped on the bed and laughed and giggled.

unposed family newborn photos-2-2

unposed family newborn photos-1414

As Gabriella needed a break, dad took her to her room and rocked her for a minute while I concentrated on Matthew again with mom this time.  Matthew suddenly stepped up to the window blinds with the beautiful light and I suddenly knew I had him exactly where he needed to be.  The gorgeous window light on his face while he was preoccupied with the shutters and what was going on outside.

Father Daughter Photographer

unposed family newborn photos-1576

unposed family newborn photos-1512

unposed family newborn photos-1687

unposed family newborn photos-1714

Dad just sat down in the closet while mom tended to the newborn and kept little Matthew entertained with his cell phone.

unposed family newborn photos-1998

Dad’s request to capture every day play time with Matthew

unposed family newborn photos-1880

Casually get on the bed for tickle time then let’s take just one camera aware portrait and back to tickle time.

unposed family newborn photos-1870

Tickle time on mom and dad’s bed is the best part of the day.

I let my families be…… while Laura tended to Gabriella, dad grabbed his phone and sat down in the closet with Matthew ( I did not ask him to do this ) and as they played I photographed. Love this image, it’s just so natural and these are moments you want to remember and cherish.  unposed family newborn photos-2070One last location for some all together family photos ended up in the master bedroom where the light was perfect.  All natural light in a gorgeous white walled room and simple furniture does not get any better than this for a photographer.  Thank you so much you guys for allowing me into your home to capture all these truly amazing moments.

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  1. What beautiful photos you captured of this gorgeous family. Your talent in capturing those moments are unreal. Love all the pictures.

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