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Caledon Country Club Journalistic Wedding

October 15, 2015 ,
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Sarah and Ryan’s fall wedding was everything they wanted it to be.  The Caledon Country Club was the ideal venue with it’s country location and classic decor.  When Sarah contacted me and told me that her sister had worked with me at Nicole & Jonathan’s wedding and told her that I was exactly what she needed for her wedding photography……I was honoured.  Referral weddings are a gift and a pleasure to photograph another member of the same family.  Sarah and Ryan met and I’ll never forget when she told me that their first or second date was at a grocery store…..yep that’s what I said groceries.  Sarah is a foody and a great cook and when Ryan found out that she loved walking the aisles of grocery stores, that’s exactly where he took her and I think that from that moment on it was perfect for these two.

Caledon Country Club Wedding

The Caledon Country Club with its creeks, rolling hills, willow trees, bridges and treed laneways hosted this overcast wedding day.

Owen Sound Wedding-8080

Sarah got ready at her family home with friends and family…….and of course she cooked breakfast for everyone.

Owen Sound Wedding-8259

Her gown was a stunning a-line with lace overlay and cap sleeves

Owen Sound Wedding-8288

Everyone helped as the bride got into her wedding goiwn.

Owen Sound Wedding-8315

Owen Sound Wedding-8465

Brides with dogs want photographs taken on wedding days with their favourite pet.

Owen Sound Wedding-8480

Owen Sound Wedding-8648

Owen Sound Wedding-8682

Owen Sound Wedding-8180

The bride sewed this pewter angel in her wedding dress to represent her mom being to close to her heart on this momentous day.

Owen Sound Wedding-8216

The bride and her father taking a moment as they sew the precious pewter angel into her dress.

Owen Sound Wedding-7963

Another sentimental aspect of this wedding was the brides ring photographed on a picture of her and her mom as a child.

Owen Sound Wedding-8070

Owen Sound Wedding-5649

The grooms gift that was opened on the morning of the wedding as a surprise just for him.

Owen Sound Wedding-5684

The groom as he sets off for the ceremony in the antique model T Ford

Owen Sound Wedding-8811

The bride is now ready to go and jumps into this beautiful orange pick up truck to the church.

Owen Sound Wedding-5645
Owen Sound Wedding-5610

Owen Sound Wedding-8891Owen Sound Wedding-8899Owen Sound Wedding-8901

Owen Sound Wedding-8907

Owen Sound Wedding-0637

Owen Sound Wedding-0799

Owen Sound Wedding-

Owen Sound Wedding-9045

Owen Sound Wedding-1322

Owen Sound Wedding-1311

Owen Sound Wedding-1302

Owen Sound Wedding-1292

Owen Sound Wedding-1463

Owen Sound Wedding-1462

Owen Sound Wedding-1151

Owen Sound Wedding-1125

Owen Sound Wedding-1098

Owen Sound Wedding-1075

Owen Sound Wedding-0903

Owen Sound Wedding-0897

Owen Sound Wedding-0855



Owen Sound Wedding--4

Owen Sound Wedding-9309

Owen Sound Wedding-5805

Owen Sound Wedding-1888

Owen Sound Wedding-1887

Owen Sound Wedding-9677

Owen Sound Wedding-9719

Owen Sound Wedding-9709

Owen Sound Wedding-9609

Owen Sound Wedding-9585

Owen Sound Wedding-9581

Owen Sound Wedding-9572

Owen Sound Wedding-9577


Owen Sound Wedding-9531

Owen Sound Wedding-9503

Owen Sound Wedding-9509


Owen Sound Wedding-9395

Owen Sound Wedding-9765

Owen Sound Wedding-9810

Owen Sound Wedding-9851

Owen Sound Wedding-9877

Owen Sound Wedding-9886

Owen Sound Wedding-9901

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