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the essential bridal party shots at weddings

July 2, 2014 ,
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free destination wedding photographer

another pose to hide sunbathers in the background

alberta wedding photographer

landscape incorporated into bridal party photography

edmonton wedding photographer

bridal party asked to walk and look at each other

candid capture of the groomsmen on the beach

candid capture of the groomsmen on the beach

bridesmaids on bed during preparations

available light casual portrait of bridesmaid

fall wedding photography in toronto

walking and looking at each other with landscape as backdrop

milton museum wedding photography

traditional portrait of bridal party at venue

casual romantic pose for bridesmaids

casual romantic portrait of bridesmaids

toronto journalistic wedding photographer

a journalistic photographer will get the in between poses too.

unposed bridesmaid photography

spontaneous moments happen at weddings……. a journalistic photographer is always ready

toronto wedding photographer

formal traditional wedding party photography

journalistic spontaneous capture of bridesmaids

journalistic spontaneous capture of bridesmaids

niagara scottish wedding photographer

traditional, formal portrait of groomsmen

toronto wedding photographer

to spontaneous candid capture totally unposed

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