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Intimate Small Wedding

Breadalbane Inn Wedding

May 24, 2015 ,
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When Henna asked me to photograph her intimate wedding at the Breadalbane Inn in Fergus, Ontario I was very excited as I love love small venues and quaint locations with charm.  Hanna and Kyle had very specific visions for their photos and I’m not going to lie I was a little intimidated when they wanted images with a style that mirrored Helmut Newton.…….. take a look as anyone would probably be intimated after seeing his work, but I also took it as a challenge.  I knew that my creative style could definitely pull it off and all it took was for Kyle and Henna to give me those moments and here is tiny sampling of what we came up with.  Now, it definitely takes a special couple for these types of photos as these are not your typical wedding photos.

Henna’s style was ideal for the look she was going for with a rockin hair cut and black suit while Kyle wore blue pants and suspenders and also rocked a wife beater for some of these images like only Kyle can.  Kyle also being an avid fisherman had some ideas of his own for photos.  He wanted Henna in a Musky Net, and also brought along a Musky Lure to incorporate into the creative images.  Henna was very interested in Black and White images, but knowing from past experience when clients have very specific visions they also expect some very standard images.  The entire ceremony was broadcast live via SKYPE for her family in Finland and  Karen MacPherson Clark was the officiant.  Beautiful details of this wedding included the quaint venue Breadalbane Inn, a batman mask, a childhood ritual between the groom and his best man, and champagne toasts with their parents, friends and me.

Thank you to both of you for trusting me to take these amazing photos.

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