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Best Wedding Photos of 2015

Best Wedding Photos 2015

January 16, 2016 ,
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These journalistic wedding portraits are some of my favourites of 2015.  All different situations and lighting conditions are found here and I photographed in quite a few of my bucket list venues including The King Edward Hotel and The Donalda Club.


Beautiful location on a little dock by a river. The lighting here was overcast and cloudy which makes for very even light.


This entire wedding was shot without window light. Most of the wedding was photographed with a Lowel GL 1 Hotlight and off camera flash.


Beautiful moments in portraits are rare unless you have a very fun off-the-wall bride. Shot on the beach on overcast day


The King Edward Hotel, on a rainy day, offered this ballroom for photography. The couple was photographed with a video light.


This was photographed right after the ceremony, and as you can see very overcast with sunny breaks allowed this couple to have a great variety of lighting situations in their images.


This was a very high contrast day, which means very hot sun, no clouds and extreme shadows if the bride and groom are not placed with their backs to the sun.


This was also an overcast day with some sunny breaks which is an ideal day for wedding photography


Beautiful backlit photos are the ideal lighting situation for me.


I like to try and spend 5 min. with my bride alone to get her some beautiful portraits.


Bride and groom portraits in a very busy park are photographed with creativity so that it seems like we are the only ones there.


Do you want to hide unflattering items in your photos ? try and block part of your lens with a bush or wall or doorway to hide things. Here I was hiding a parking lot.


I always have my couple walk away from me while I photograph them and then when they come back to me as well. This just gets them comfortable with the whole process of being photographed.


This red tree just begged to be in a photograph and my bride and groom look perfect as part of the image.


I shoot a scene 3 different ways. Environmental shot where the couple are little and the landscape is the focus, a standard portrait and a super close up portrait without them having to move at all.


Going to a landscaping store for your wedding day location is ideal as most places have set up different little setting all in one location.


Again here, I sent my couple walking up this path and then back again and just asked them to look at each other and I can get natural looking images without posing


I love exaggerated crops and cool angles. The lines from the trees here lead right to my couple.


Here’s another example of a really cool crop.


I try to photograph the scene, venue or location they are getting married just so they have a record of the spot where they tied the knot


Donalda Club has so many different areas for photography that they got a lot of different looks. A little bit country, a lot classy, a golf course, and a bridge

Elliott Tree Farm-8167

Barn wedding in Caledon at The Elliott Tree Farm with gorgeous property and fantastic location.

Legends Winery Wedding-6947Elliott-Tree-Farm-Wedding-Photography-7817Elliott-Tree-Farm-Wedding-Photography-4975caledon-wedding-photographer-deer-creek-wedding-2Gibson Centre Wedding-9845Gibson-Centre-Wedding-Photography-9974Gibson-Centre-Wedding-Photography-7441

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