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Best Journalistic of 2015

Best Journalistic Wedding Moments 2015

January 13, 2016 ,
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Capturing the “inbetween” moments is where I work the hardest during a wedding.  It’s knowing when to expect the spontaneous, looking for reactions during speeches, it’s trusting your gear and not looking at the screen after every image because that’s when you miss it.  I learned this the hard way when I realized that after capturing the first kiss, and it’s a must have shot, that something else always happens…….. fist pump, uncontrollable laughter, or a shot of the parents crying and I always missed it cause I was looking to see if I got the first kiss.  It’s about catching the shots as they walk away together, or the reactions from the bridal party when I ask them to look at each other.


it’s noticing that these sisters were extremely close and knowing that they were going to be emotional


it’s being there at the right time to catch this from the father of the groom

The-Vue-Wedding Photos-2802

photograph everything…..I got the traditional shot then I said ok girls huddle and look at each other.


I knew that there was going to be a moment between this mom and her son and I waited for it


This bride set the pace for fun all day long by just enjoying herself and forgetting I was there.



Owen Sound Wedding-3904

While shooting a bachelorette party in Punta Cana I saw this





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