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Amsterdam Destination Photographer

Amsterdam Wedding Photographer

June 1, 2016 ,
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The location was epic here in the fortified town or Naarden.

So thrilled to see these guys again!  I met Jelmer and Anna at a destination wedding in Jamaica for her bridesmaid Tara’s wedding.  So, to see all these girls again in Amsterdam was incredible and so much fun.   Amsterdam, Netherlands will be an incredible location to say the least but these 2 planned a day with perfect timing and lots of opportunity for photography which is key to getting some of these epic images.   Our day started in Amsterdam by the canals, then we were off to Naarden for the ceremony and reception.  Take me with you to your destination wedding and I’ll pay for travel and accommodations for really unique locations…..just ask!

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Anna wore this stunner perfectly photographed from her loft apartment in Amsterdam

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The rings! His ring was handed down as a family heirloom and her round brilliant cut diamond ring sparkled endlessly.

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Anna had her mom, sister and maid of honour by her side as she slipped into her wedding gown in anticipation of the upcoming day.

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The wedding ceremony was going to be in Naarden which is Jelmer’s home town and 30 min. away from Amsterdam, therefore a first look session was eminent and this way we were also able to do some bridal photography with the canals in Amsterdam.

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Jelmer twirls his bride here as he can’t get over how beautiful she looks on this day.

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I photographed them in a journalistic style and let them have their private moment before walking through central Amsterdam for one of their portrait sessions.

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On every wedding day, I spend 3-5 min. alone with my bride to get some bridal portraits and this studio apartment had the ideal light and decor to make this bride even more beautiful.

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I last look to make sure everything is just perfect before we head out for a walk to the canals.

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Although, this was a Wednesday the streets of Amsterdam were very crowded and taking photos was extra tricky, but we managed by shooting the couple from below as much as possible.

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I also placed them on a lower level in order to stay away from traffic and pedestrians getting in our photos.

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On our way to the limo bus to take us to Naarden for the ceremony, I stopped them occasionally for a photo. I spotted this reflection for this stunning journalistic capture.

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I spotted this beautiful orange light coming from the waterfront restaurant and had to stop for a photo…….these 2 are pros now after a great engagement session.

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Isn;t she gorgeous! she could be a professional model with this pose

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Jelmer also had a look for photos on his wedding day…….so handsome.

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Anna posed for a few photos alone in front of this quaint historical building

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The town hall in Naarden where jelmer and Anna tied the knot like so many generations before him.

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This is always such a sweet moment when grooms kiss their brides hands and I love that I caught this one.

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The bridesmaids couldn’t not hold the tears back…..all of them were very emotional.

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and…….not just the bridesmaids. Dad could not contain his tears of joy either.

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After the ceremony and family photos we went for a walk around this historical town and just took photos in beautiful locations.

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I try and shoot any scene at least 3 different ways and I love this close crop of Anna and Jelmer

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This view thanks to Naarden’s fortified wall and moats was an incredible location for bridal portraits on their wedding day.

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On our way down the hill with the bridal party on our way to the reception, I had my bride and groom stop for a second for this shot through the wild flowers.

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This very large bridal party had a great time with their photos and this one on the old stone wall was a lot of fun.

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The reception room was set up beautifully simple with touches of green and a large family table for all the guests. I love the wine toasts throughout the evening at this kind of table setup.

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The wedding guests here started doing the wave which was absolutely priceless and a first for me and so much fun.

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To kick off the nights party, Jelmer and Anna started the evening with a choreographed first dance.

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