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June 14, 2015 ,
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Alliston country inspired engagement session with rain and cowboy boots, a river, rocks, pebble beach, sandy cliffs, forests, brick piles and gardens all on her dads private property.  I met Alissa a few years ago when I photographed her brother’s wedding in Stoney Creek at Liuna Gardens.  Alissa ( and I keep calling her Allison for some reason so forgive me ….. I’m working on it.)   and I have kept in touch and have worked together on other photos session as she is a great makeup artist.  I arrived at dad’s house early and he gave me a great tour of the property while we waited for the engaged couple to arrive.  It was fantastic to reconnect with this amazing family and to see all my photos up on their walls from the previous wedding.

Alissa was hoping for a sunny day with late day sun streaming through the trees.  But, her vision had been reschedule 3 times already because of the weather and work conflicts so when we found out that it was going to rain on this day we had no choice but to go for it.  These two were troopers and great in front of the camera…….they gave me all the moments I could ask for as a journalistic photographer.

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